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Obama won the debate

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Gee, Obama didn’t need that teleprompter after all! :angry:




Make sure you watch the Fox news voter analysis. :angry:



“John McCain wasn’t even consistent in his attacks. Early in the debate McCain claimed ‘Senator Obama has shifted on a number of occasions.’ Later he claimed Obama was too inflexible like George Bush. Obama can’t be both shifting and inflexible.” :angry:


Wait, here’s one that says McCain won the debate.


Hey, what’s going on, that’s a McCain campaign ad --- that they mistakenly leaked onto the internet BEFORE the date. :lol:

OOOPS! Better get Pastor Muthee after the witch who leaked that one! :lol:

Obama won the debate. :angry:

Oh wait, that’s just the opinion of the American people. What do they know? :angry:

Watch carefully, Resmuglicans, while we laugh at you.


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By the end of this election, regardless of who wins, I'll be able to deal with the result; even if I don't like it.

Conversely, if the Dems lose, I don't think we'll be able to find enough tall bridges for you people to jump off of.

But, when we return to the days of the Carter administration due to Obama's "change", I'll be here, every day, to say I told you so.

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I thought Obama did better.

However, we will not know who won the debate until the polls come out. Our presidential political debates exist to sway voters to vote for their candidates. You can have one candidate saying repeating "Baba au rum" and the other stating issues with solutions. However, if the "Baba" candidate sways more voters, then that candidate will have won the debate.

If there is no poll change, then Obama will have won. McCain is behind and he needs to sway voters over to his side.

Most political analysts and pundits are useless. They are a self perpetuating class that primarily exists for their own benefit, justifying their jobs. I don't need them to explain or interpret.

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YA!!! :D


2 quick polls give Obama edge in debate 20 minutes ago

WASHINGTON - A pair of one-night polls gave Barack Obama a clear edge over John McCain in their first presidential debate.

Fifty-one percent said Obama, the Democrat, did a better job in Friday night's faceoff while 38 percent preferred the Republican McCain, according to a CNN-Opinion Research Corp. survey of adults.

Obama was widely considered more intelligent, likable and in touch with peoples' problems, and by modest margins was seen as the stronger leader and more sincere. Most said it was McCain who spent more time attacking his opponent.

About six in 10 said each did a better job than expected. Seven in 10 said each seemed capable of being president.

In a CBS News poll of people not committed to a candidate, 39 percent said Obama won the debate, 24 percent said McCain and 37 percent called it a tie. Twice as many said Obama understands their needs than said so about McCain.

Seventy-eight percent said McCain is prepared to be president, about the same proportion of uncommitted voters as said so before the debate. Sixty percent said Obama is ready — a lower score than McCain, but a solid 16-percentage-point improvement from before the debate.

In another Obama advantage in the CBS poll, far more said their image of him had improved as a result of the debate than said it had worsened. More also said their view of McCain had gotten better rather than worse, but by a modest margin.

The CNN poll involved telephone interviews with 524 adults who watched the debate and had a margin of error of plus or minus 4.5 percentage points. The CBS survey involved online interviews with 483 uncommitted voters who saw the debate and had an error margin of plus or minus 4 points. It was conducted by Knowledge Networks, which initially selected the respondents by telephone.

Both polls were conducted Friday night.

Polls conducted on one night can be less reliable than surveys conducted over several nights because they only include the views of people available that particular evening.

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All left wing reporting news columns.

Definition of "left wing": Anything that contradicts, challenges or undermines what Resmuglicans and other right wingers have made up their pea brains to believe.

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But, when we return to the days of the Carter administration due to Obama's "change", I'll be here, every day, to say I told you so.

We're not going to return to the Carter administration, which in any event didn't include a trillion dollar war for no reason, a nearly complete loss of our standing and respect in the world or a near meltdown of the economy a la 1929. By 1980, government had grown fat and corrupt after 45 years of control by mostly one party, a feat the Republicans managed to accomplish in less than a decade; but unlike the Republicans, the Democrats never allowed income distribution to go so wildly off balance as it is now and Democrats never repeated the mistakes that led to the Great Depression.

Neocon and radical right wing ideologies don't work.

Free markets are essential, but so is regulation.

Governments are corrupt, but government isn't the enemy.

Reagan was wrong. Government is necessary in any modern economy.

Those are the lessons of the past eight years. Tragically and ominously, many people still haven't learned them. Even now, as Congress reaches agreement on a bailout bill, the radical righties in Congress would sooner watch the economy collapse into a modern Great Depression than admit that

their ideology is flawed.

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