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  1. Bern

    Canada's now #1

    Its not true. This is the usual bs from the low information, low intelligence drones as fed them by rightwing radio, etc. You don't see Canadians pining in their newspapers and letters to the editors about wait times. They had a series the "Greatest Canadian". The winner was Tommy Douglas, their "Father of Medicare."
  2. This comment did not being anything useful at all to this debate. Its just a trollish comment to get a rise out of others. It certainly reflects poorly on the posters maturity.
  3. Bern

    Stimulated yet?

    Strange how many of you now are worried about the budget. Wish you were as worried when Bush bankrupted us during his reign of mismanagement. Imagine 5,000 piles of one billion dollars. Which is what Bush managed in his two terms - raising our national debt from 5 to 10 trillion. And to think, after Clinton left office and based on what he did, they predicted the debt would go from 5 to 3 trillion during Bush's first term.
  4. Citizens of a country rarely recognize when their leaders, are bad, rotten, despicable or simply evil. Its the "my country is blessed and this can never happen here" syndrome. Which is a great comfort and help to rotten leaders who are blindly supported and given the benefit of the doubt. We've seen it in Germany where good Germans upset over Brownshirt antics would say "if only the Fuhrer knew" or in Russia where Russians said "if only Uncle Joe knew". Their knew and approved.
  5. Really? But then a cap is not the same as a freeze. Links? Proof? Don't give me links or proof from Republican or right wing sources. They have proven over and over that they make things up to suit themselves. From the fantasy world of the NRCC (National Republican Congressional Committee)
  6. Choose and pick all you want. However, looking at Washington, I quickly found this: What was your point about the accommodations? Do nice accommodations justify slavery? Would you feel the same about the Arab white slave trade where women were put in the very comfortable Harems? I can imagine some 18th century Arab sultan or emir telling the British, "Don't worry, no need to stop the slave trade. Our slaves have such nice accommodations."
  7. Bern

    Bush's farewell address

    The usual spin. We KNOW they are not saved because AIDS is incurable. AIDS is fatal if not treated for life (and even then very often). Who will ensure that the "saved" individuals be treated for the rest of their lives? The very expensive medicine has to be made available to the "saved" until they die of old age or other causes not related to AIDS. No mean feat in areas with unstable governments. Wishful thinking and political spin cannot override medical fact. How many lives did Bush endanger and kill with his administrations abstinence only policies?
  8. Actually government does determine our rights. That is why we need to support a wise and just government by electing good officials. The rights given by government at our countries founding were primarily for male whites with limited rights to female whites and none to the black slaves. The rights given at our countries founding were then extended to all by the evolution of our legal system by the people through the officials we elected. The rights are enunciated and determined by our government under the people. Sometimes the government gives and other times it takes. As was done to the Jews under the Nazis. Where was God when they were shoved into the ovens?
  9. Because he is a troll. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Troll_(Internet).
  10. Bern

    Dangerous Medications

    He knows they are different. Many posts from 2smart and patriot are really, really ridiculous. This is typical when dealing with trolls. They enjoy posting provocative comments and the response they elicited. They really don't care what they post as long as its provocative enough to get a pissed off response. They have their own special needs that are met by this behavior. Sad. Don't feed trolls. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Troll_(Internet)
  11. Bern

    Bush's farewell address

    Now Tsurumi tells us. (Correction - he told us awhile ago) However, quite an indictment.
  12. Bern

    Dangerous Medications

    Sounds like a plot from Fox's old show - the X files. Are those writer now doing their news reports?
  13. I see you crawled out of your sewer to give us one of your nasty and mean comments. What was the point of your comment besides being nasty?
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