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Lets Talk About Millan for Mayor

Guest TBA Harrison

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Guest TBA Harrison


The following is from the above site:

"The scary part about condemnation is the state has the right to purchase your

property. That's a horrible thing," Ahern admitted. "But the state has to build

decent schools . The not-so-horrible part is that the state of New Jersey - in

this case the Schools Construction Corporation - can't tell you what your

property is worth."

While Ahern cautioned property owners not to panic, since the studies may

exempt certain properties, he admitted that "more likely than not" owners who

receive letters will lose their properties.Upon completion of the feasibility studies, the SCC will begin negotiating with

owners to purchase properties.

If owners and the SCC appraisers can't agree on a price, a judge will appoint a

panel of three Hudson County real estate experts to determine one.

The SCC will also assist homeowners in identifying comparable properties

within Harrison, and will pay the difference for owners to purchase a

comparable home. Moving expenses up to 50 miles are also included.

Tenants receive a 42-month rent supplement, as well as moving expenses.

"A number of people use that money and make a down payment for a house.

We encourage that," Ahern said of the rent subsidies.

The loss of so many homes may mean a big loss of ratables for Harrison,

according to Anselmo Millan, a former Harrison councilman. Millan estimated

that the town would lose between $600,000 and $700,000 in ratables.

"The Town of Harrison is a distressed city. We receive aid from the state, and

now we're losing ratables," said Millan, whose home is not being considered for demolition."We understand that education is very important. But to us, these are not houses. These are homes. This is where we choose to live . These people don't want to move out. They have whole families here."

Cleveland Avenue resident John Kozdron echoed Millan's sentiments, calling

for a referendum to determine if voters agree with the proposed school


What happened, what you didn't hear?

The SCC sent letters to purchase the homes, but a petition organized by MILLAN caused the SCC to delay and arrange a meeting with MILLAN.

MILLAN had a petition signed by 1000 people, and the SCC realized they ran out of money.

What could have happened??

The homes would have been purchased and stayed there vacant, for years.

You know if you live in that area you got a letter saying you had to prepare to move....

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Grants He Recieved

Part 1:

1999/04/27 Jersey Journal

Tue Pg 6, 542 words

Part-time police officers OK'd as part of Harrison restructuring 

William Pena, Journal correspondent

... of the Beautification Committee were renamed commissioners and the liaison will now be chairman. The title change is required by state law in order to qualify for a $2,500 NJ Department of Environmental Protection grant, which, according to Councilman Anselmo Millan, will be used for landscaping and cleaning.... 

  1999/03/22 Jersey Journal

Mon Pg 1, 247 words

  Two Hudson groups get  $2,500 each 

Josee Valcourt, Journal staff writer

... next month, but Gonzalez said he hopes to make this a two-to five-year project, depending on funding. The Harrison Environmental Commission will use its grant to educate people about preserving the environment and for recycling information, Councilman Anselmo Millan said. The commission consists of two groups: the city council's Beautification and Environmental Committee and the Environmental Club at Harrison High School. Across the state, 72 environmental agencies won grants for..

Not only did he get Grant Money, but had the High Schools involved too....... hmmmm Not bad


1999/05/07 Jersey Jornal

Fri Pg 2, 386 words

Harrison raps plan to put sex offenders in Kearny 

William Pena, Journal correspondent

... Urban Enterprise Zones. Kearny, Newark and Jersey City have UEZs but Harrison's applications for one have been rejected. Participating firms in UEZs charge only 3 percent state sales tax instead of the normal 6 percent. In a related matter, Councilman Anselmo Millan said the town will receive a $525,000 state grant over the next four years to fund the Harrison Hometown Development Partnership. It will include the mayor, a council member and 13 business owners and will manage the... 

$525,000 Torwads the under 280 project and the street lights, makes scence now I know where that money came from.

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Guest Educator
1999/10/08 Jersey Journal

Fri Pg 9, 572 words 


... "We hope to pass down those teachings of discipline, confidence and hard work that Master Doyle instilled in both of us, to all of our students." Among the guests at the school's opening were Jersey City Mayor Bret Schundler and Harrison Councilman Anselmo Millan. Three Jersey City residents and one Fort Lee youth are among 43 New Jersey recipients of $43,000 in 1999 Arching Into Education scholarships awarded by the New York Tri-State McDonald's Res taurant Owners to help them... 

This article was labled LEARNING.

Education is very important to the man....

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Guest Family orientated
2000/02/08 Jersey Journal

Tue Pg 8, 43 words 

CAPTION  (Photo of group in-front of Holiday Display)

... SEVERAL HARRISON groups joined forces to promote the holiday spirit throughout the town. From left are Mercedes and Juan Cosme, Manuel Dios, Jose Pacheco, Joao Rodriguez, R. Rivero, J. Woods, Santa Claus, S. Rocha, Councilman Anselmo Millan and Wife Josefa Millan.... 

Thank's for putting that brick sign accross from WENDY'S Mayor McDonough, now Millan will have to find another location to put his town Christmas decorations....
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Guest Helping Citizens

Someone opened their arms when he came to this country, now he tried to do the same:

2000/03/29 Jersey Journal

Wed Pg 6, 385 words 

True appreciation for United States citizenship 

... through extensive bureaucratic paperwork and delay. The spirit of numerous legal immigrants living in West Hudson who are aspiring to citizenship came through vividly Saturday at the fifth annual citizenship event coordinated by Harrison Councilman Anselmo Millan, who represents the town's Second Ward. That spirit was inspiring to elected officials, including Kearny Mayor Al Santos, Assemblywoman Joan Quigley, D-Jersey City, and Rep. Robert Menendez, D-Union City, who came to the... 

He always had a good connection with the DEMOCRATIC PARTY!!!
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Guest Community Involvement
2000/04/17 Jersey Journal

Mon Pg 77, 58 words 

CAPTION  (Photo)

... PLAQUES OF GRATITUDE are presented to Yeom Manseop, second from left, of Harrison Nails, and Cipri Malvarez, third from left, of Pepita's Salon, both in Harrison, by Harrison Mayor Raymond McDonough, left, and Harrison Councilman Anselmo Millan, right. The two were congratulated and thanked for donating their services during the recent Harrison Fest.... 

Gotta respect A guy who knows how to credit his supperior, even if he's lieing about the Fest not declaring it's taxes...I think he used to put the Mayor as Chairman all the time....
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Guest Harrison Fest

2000/06/01 Jersey Jornal

Thu Pg 5, 467 words

No Headline

... see the dance and meet cultural groups of the people who make up Harrison: Brazilian, Greek, Portuguese, Peruvian, Irish, Chinese, Polish, Italian, Ecuadorian, Spanish, Argentine, just to name a few. "You see the whole world," says Harrison councilman Anselmo Millan, Harrison Fest's coordinator. Harrison Fest actually starts with a salute to the oldest residents, the senior citizens. Mass, with various color guards participating, will be held in their honor June 2 at 7 p.m. at...

He used to do a great Job...Thats when it was a fest...Fireworks....
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Guest Always Helped Seniors
2000/06/01 Jersey Jornal

Thu Pg 13, 175 words 

Local Businesses Give Harrison Seniors A Day Of Pampering 

... In a small and humble, yet very significant ceremony, Mayor Raymond J. McDonough and Councilman Anselmo Millan, Coordinator of the Harrison Fest, presented plaques of gratitude to Harrison Nails and Pepita's Salon. The plaques were given in recognition of services donated to the senior citizens of Harrison, during last year's Harrison Fest. The donation of services, is a sign of business owners foreseeing a brighter future in the town's business district and appreciating the help...

How nice
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Guest A proud citizen
2000/06/01 Jersey Jornal

Thu Pg 12, 99 words 

United States Marines Receive Recognition In Harrison 

... At Harrison Fest 1999, Harrison Councilman Anselmo Millan, coordinator of the annual Harrison Fest, presented Sgt. Scanlan of the United States Marines a proclamation in name of Mayor Raymond J. McDonough and the Town Council as well as the Harrison Fest Committee. This was presented in recognition for the Marine's honorable and respected presence during the Harrison Fest and during the blessing of the Harrison Senior Citizens this past year. The United States Marines have been... 

GOD BLESS AMERICA, his adopted home
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Guest Honored the VILLALTA FAMILY
2000/06/01 Jersey Journal

Thu Pg 10, 571 words 

1999 Was A Year For Honoring Families At The Harrison Fest 

... A proclamation by the town of Harrison was given to the Simpson and Villalta families on Friday, June 4th during 1999's Harrison Fest. The proclamation was signed and presented by Mayor Raymond J. McDonough and Councilman and coordinator Anselmo Millan. This family of Peruvian and Scottish heritage have four living generations in the town of Harrison. They were honored during the Harrison Fest celebrating ethnic diversity and pride in heritage. This family shows dedication and... 

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Guest Honored the Wood Family
2000/07/07 Jersey Journal

Fri Pg 11, 61 words 

CAPTION  (Photo)

... the Wood family as the Harrison Fest Family of the Year during a commencement Mass at Holy Cross Church on June 2. The Wood family was honored for their long family lineage and loyalty to Harrison. Those attending included, from left, Councilman Anselmo Millan, Margaret Wood and Rep. Robert Menendez.... 

He honored and respects people of all Nationalities...Thats Nice
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Guest Respected by Business owners
2000/08/02 Jersey Journal

Wed Pg 9, 66 words 

CAPTION  (photo)

... COUNCILMAN ANSELMO MILLAN of Harrison was presented a plaque for his efforts on behalf of the town of Harrison. The plaque was presented by the Harrison Hometown Development Partnership, the Environmental Club, the Beautification Committee and the Steering Committee for the Business District. Pictured with the councilman are his daughter Josie Millan, left, and his wife, Josefa Millan, right.... 

Harrison Hometown Development Partnership - Organized to fix the "Downtown Of Harrison" disolved by the Mayor

Beautification Committee -Nice Blue Garbage cans, Hanging Plants on Harrison Ave(COMMITTEE DISOLVED BY TOM POWELL)

Steering Committee for the Business District - Facade program and new Lights (by the way, how come those lights don't go down to The Bridge??)(COMMITTEE DISOLVED BY TOM POWELL)

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Guest Cleaning Contamination "Bro


2000/09/12 Jersey Journal

Tue Pg 77, 107 words 

CAPTION  (Photo)

... from the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection to undertake a site inspection of 104-108 Harrison Ave., Harrison, part of the county's Brownfield Assessment Demonstration Pilot program. From left are Arthur Pettigrew, Harrison councilman; Anselmo Millan, Harrison councilman; Chelsea Albucher, Environmental Protection Agency project manager; Elizabeth Spinelli, HCEDC executive director; Harrison Mayor Raymond McDonough, Stephen Kehayes, of the EPA's Site Remediation...


Jersey Journal

Fri Pg 10, 101 words 

CAPTION  (Photo)

... Environmental Protection Agency to evaluate the Passaic Avenue brownfield site, one of two active Pilot sites in Harrison, for potential redevelopment. Others pictured are, from left, Stephen Kehayes, state Department of Environmental Protection; Anselmo Millan, Harrison councilman; Thomas Powell, Pilot stakeholder; Robert Janiszewski, Hudson County executive; Arthur Pettigrew, Harrison councilman; and Elizabeth Spinelli, Hudson County Economic Development Corp. executive director.... 

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Guest Lights UNDER 280
2000/10/10 Jersey Journal

Tue Pg 9, 420 words 

Officials plan to 'spiff up' streetscapes

Rose Duger, Journal correspondent

... that agree to participate. Lighting and security cameras will also be installed in the parking area under Route 280 at the foot of Harrison Avenue, and a formal gateway will adorn the intersection to signal the start of the shopping district. Councilman Anselmo Millan, who is coordinating the effort, described the proposed style for the improvements as "turn-of-the century Americana." We want to bring Harrison back," Millan said. "A lot of the facades are covered with cheap aluminum... 

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Tue Pg 4, 319 words 

Streetscape-plan contract OK'd 

Rose Duger, Journal correspondent

... District (SID), which has received more than $600,000 in grants for the Streetscape Project. Schoor DePalma has already completed a preliminary concept plan for the project which was presented to SID board members last week, according to Councilman Anselmo Millan, who is coordinating the Streetscape Project. "We needed a concept plan so we can apply for federal, state and county grants to fund the project," Millan said. The project will include new sidewalks constructed of paving... 

Not after the Mayor and council couldn't handle the project, it's a dead issue....SAD
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Guest Ignorance of Council
2001/01/04 Jersey Journal

Thu Pg 2, 449 words 

3 on Harrison Council fail to halt rehiring grants writer 

Rose Duger, Journal correspondent

... was approved for a maximum of $60,000. The firm has worked for the town since 1976, according to its chairman, John Bruno. Following the meeting, Kelly criticized the Bruno Group's recent work for the town, charging that it works solely with Councilman Anselmo Millan. Millan and Kelly locked horns last year when Millan supported a candidate against Kelly in the Democratic primary. "He (Bruno) works for one councilman and one councilman alone - Anselmo Millan," Kelly said. "Not...  [/color]

Kelly got mad because he wasn't smart enough to know how to apply for grants, not many on the council know how. MILLAN WENT TO CLASSES TO LEARN HOW. NOW THATS SMART
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Thu Pg 4, 1012 words 

Community Notes 

... to vote. The drive is sponsored by Mayor Raymond J. McDonough, Rep. Robert Menendez, Hudson County Executive Robert Janiszewski, The American Friends Service Committee, Portuguese American Congress, the Harrison Community Task Force and Councilman Anselmo Millan. For more information, call Millan at (973) 485-0761.... 

call him (973)485-0761, No one else shows their phone number, MILLANS' ALWAYS LOOKING TO HELP!!
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Guest Mayor was out to get him
2001/06/11 Jersey Journal

Mon Pg 4, 501 words 

$47G Harrison budget shift 

William Pena, Journal correspondent

... budget transfer of $47,000 from facade rehabilitation funds to parking lot improvements under Route 280 by the mayor and council. The amended budget resolution passed at Thursday night's Town Council meeting. One of the harshest critics was Councilman Anselmo Millan, who sharply criticized his colleagues and preservation board coordinator Thomas Powell for not having "the courtesy and respect" to inform him or other board members of the change. "I just got this 5 minutes ago, we... 

He was right, why spend $47,000 of tax payers money when he had a grant to do it. HERE THE HARRISON RESIDENTS LOST BIG!!!!!!! THIS MADE NO SCENCE AT ALL
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Tue Pg 1, 1200 words 

Chinese craft new lives in Hudson

Jennifer Morrill, Journal staff writer

... "When we moved in, this was really a dead town," Huang said. "On Saturday and Sunday, there was almost no traffic at all. But it has picked up since then." The healthy development of the Chinese community has been hard to miss, according to Councilman Anselmo Millan. A Chinese couple who first moved to Harrison when they were students at NJIT live across the street from Millan, he said. After graduating, the husband, a banker in Manhattan, and the wife, a doctor in Newark, bought... 

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Guest Always supporting the VETS
2002/02/14 Jersey Journal

Thu Pg 4, 37 words 

CAPTION  (Photo)

... Remembering the veterans Harrison Councilman Anselmo Millan and members of his association made a holiday visit to the Veteran's Administration Hospital in Lyons. The group visited with and distributed gifts to the veterans.... 

God Bless America, His adopted country

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Guest Help people become Citizens
2002/05/09 Jersey Journal

Thu Pg 10, 111 words 

CAPTION  (Photo)

... Citizenship aid A citizenship drive recently held by the Town of Harrison assisted more than 250 people in their quest to become Americans, according to Councilman Anselmo Millan, standing fourth from left. The effort included aid from Rep. Robert Menendez, D-Union City, the American Friends Service Committee, New Jersey Centro Romeo Cascaes, New Jersey Ecuadorian Lions Club, New Jersey Hispanic State Parade Committee, Pan American Concerned Citizens Action League Inc., the Portuguese... 

Help All people, thats respect for your neighbors
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Guest Propud to be a Harrisonian
2002/05/30 Jersey Journal

Thu Pg 13, 552 words 

Harrison's Multi-cultural Population Continues to Grow  ... stroll down Kearny Avenue, which has a small stretch in Harrison, is testament to their presence. The smell of chickens roasting in the currascarias, and the din of soccer matches emanating from the restaurants has a feeling of Sao Paolo. Councilman Anselmo Millan, a native of Spain, said the strong Portuguese community in Harrison and surrounding areas like Newark has drawn Brazilians to the town. "Harrison is the gateway for transportation, and it's like a small town, family-like,"... 

What Pride!!

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Guest Getting Harrison Students Involv

Keeping our kids busy and out of trouble

2002/06/06 Jersey Journal

Thu Pg 5, 76 words 

CAPTION  (Photo)

... Town cleans up Members of the Harrison Beautification Committee and the Neighborhood Preservation Program Board join Councilman Anselmo Millan, front center, in front of the "Harrison Landscape" during last month's "Clean Harrison Day." Aside from cleaning the town's streets, cleaning and landscaping under Route 280 has also been done, thanks to funds from the NPP. The grant money is expected to next target facades for businesses along Harrison Avenue.... 

Always making his home a better place to live
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Guest Mayor Harrased Millan
2002/07/03 Jersey Journal

Wed Pg 5, 684 words 

Improvement program in Harrison plagued by infighting  Rose Duger, Journal correspondent

... about the NPP's participation and blasted Powell and elected officials at a council meeting for repeatedly shutting them out of the decision-making process. Several members of the advisory board didn't return phone calls seeking comment But Councilman Anselmo Millan, who spearheaded the grant submission in 1999, said volunteers feel slighted by what he has called Powell's "dictatorial" management approach. "This is a group of volunteers who decided to do something for our town,"... 

Mayor took monies from grant Millan earned and did what he wanted with it.
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Guest Mayor Dissolved NPP
2002/07/25 Thu Pg 4, 710 words  Accusations fly as residents, town officials clash 

Rose Duger, Journal correspondent ... are both funded through the state and shared a common advisory board composed of Harrison residents. McDonough said the council acted on a recommendation from the state to separate the two boards. The volunteers are closely aligned with Councilman Anselmo Millan, who observers say broke with Harrison's Democratic Party last year. Millan said the council's move has "nothing to do with performance. This is political." This committee the mayor is going to replace, they're the ones... 

2002/07/25 Thu Pg 9, 15 words  CAPTION 

... HARRISON Councilman Anselmo Millan, the coordinator of Harrison Fest, at Harrison's Nails.... 

2002/07/20 Sat Pg 2, 695 words  Harrison township council meeting turns contentious 

Rose Duger, Journal correspondent ... are both funded through the state and shared a common advisory board made up of Harrison residents. McDonough said the council acted on a recommendation from the state to separate the two boards. The volunteers are closely aligned with Councilman Anselmo Millan, who insiders say broke with Harrison's Democratic Party last year. Millan said the council's move has "nothing to do with performance" This is political," said Millan. "This committee the mayor is going to replace, they're... 

2002/07/18 Thu Pg 1, 784 words  Clash leads to board shakeup at town NPP 

Rose Duger, Journal correspondent ... to Powell. The decision has incensed those involved with the program since Harrison first received its grant in 1999. Through the five-year program, Harrison will receive $100,000 to improve quality of life along Harrison Avenue. Councilman Anselmo Millan, who filed the original grant application for the town, said the volunteers feel slighted because they donated many long hours to get the NPP up and running starting in 1995, the first year Harrison applied for the program. "This... 

2002/07/15 Mon Pg 2, 802 words  Bitter battle over neighborhood board 

Rose Duger, Journal correspondent ... angered those who have been involved with the program since Harrison first received neighborhood improvement funding in 1999. Through the five-year program, Harrison will receive $100,000 to improve quality of life along Harrison Avenue. Councilman Anselmo Millan, who filed the original grant application for the town, said the volunteers feel slighted because they donated many long hours to get the NPP up and running starting in 1995, the first year Harrison applied for the program.... 

What a shame!
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