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Doran, Fife And Peter

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And so Higgins and the Plumber can’t speak of the details of something they have been promising for over 8 years. (Actually, from now on, we all acknowledge Higgins as Mayor- you know, the candidate Doran defeated back in ’98).

Imagine that: those two stooges can’t speak to the populace of the details they have been hinging their salaries over the past ten years!

Oh, yeah, the stadium deal is not dead at Mulligan’s Home.

Even the “Public Relations Consultant” concurs here. How much is “she” being paid by the town?

Any of the legal firms willing to kick in here to say “Amen?”

Lawyers, consultants, advisors, etc.

They so much love Harrison and their simpleton town officials. (However, once a time, they feared Doran…but….).

There will be no soccer stadium in Harrison. And, guess what, that’s a blessing. Boy, you people don’t how much that “loss” was your “gain.” More to follow on that.

Harrison is in a mess.

And there is only one reason and one person to attribute this to.

No names mentioned, but we all know who defeated Higgins and the Plumber back in ’98.

What has happened since that victory back then?

Me thinks the Lady has much a lot to explain. Otherwise, resign for purposes of integrity and allow the lunatics to rule the asylum- otherwise many will grow ashamed of you.

It’s either Harrison or Provicentown. You can’t have it both ways. Although, with a little creativity and finesse, you could.

Make us proud.

P.S. Come on, Fife, when you get back from Vermont, time to return the classroom back to order. Although, that was never something you were never renowned for. Time to re-group. Don’t let me down- again.

P.S.S. HAVE ANY OF YOU IDIOTS RECOGNIZE THAT YOU'RE LESS THAN 30 MINUTES AWAY FROM NEW YORK CITY??? AND YOU DORAN AND FIFE ALLOW HIGGINS TO BE IN CONTROL OF THIS "THRU-WAY???" GET RID OF HIGGINS- THAT I THOUGHT THE VOTERS DID. The two of you in a combined comatose state have more brain capacity than he has. Stop protecting your satelite vo-tech centers and get on with the real business at hand!

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Guest McGruff

And so, the Harrison Phantom has come out of hibernation from his hideaway in Sicklerville. In the past you have promised a "dormant scandal. This has not happened. You had your chances to give him up a while back with the HPD, but you choose to do nothing. He kept you quiet by paying youir condo fees, renting a car for you, and giving you an allowance.

So Phantom, no one is listening to your comments. Sit back, drink your booze, and dream about the time that you were taken care of in Harrison. You take credit for the campaign against Higgins, but he was the ultimate winner.


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You people are so stupid wasting your time on all this garbage while the people in charge are cleaning you out. As you sit on this web site and make stupid accusations about nothing, they are lining there pockets, buying houses, raising your taxes with rediculous excuses as well as sewer and water taxes. While you're sitting here they are getting rich and making you all poor. EVERY BODY IS GETTING PAID EVERYWHERE OVER AND UNDER THE TABLE!!!

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the longer the belabored redevelopment goes on the more they are all lining their pockets and the more our taxes go up, up, up and all you idiots waste your time talking about shit, let's just keep on bullshitting on this web site and let them bankrupt the town after which they will all move to their homes down the shore and we can all live in the extension of downtown Newark.

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