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No Stadium Ha Ha Ha!

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Senator Codey really took the wind out of the Sails of Harrison Redevelopment Board.The Mayor told the Papers the Metro Stars Deal was a lock and Ground would soon be broken for the Stadium.Why would the Mayor allow Himself to make a misleading Statement like that?

Losing that Stadium is the best scenario for the Town of Harrison.The Board should bring in a Developer with a realistic plan for the Area.Forget all this nonsense of mimicing Hoboken with a Disneyland for the Yuppies.Get a Corporation in here to create good Blue Collar Jobs for working People.

Newark has demolished anything that resembles a Factory/Warehouse.Where are People supposed to work?Where are small Bussinesses supposed to find commercial property to get started.It would'nt hurt to look at other options since Your Investors keep backing out or going to Jail.

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