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Metro Stars Stadium Dead On Arrival

Guest Barney

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The Acting Governor Codey stated in today's Star Ledger that the planned stadium for the Metro Stars in Harrison is dead. It seems Hudson County does not want to back the bonds that would be used to fund the stadium. The Governor now wants to build a field in the Meadowlands. So much for Metro Center and back to the drawing board.

It probably is a good thing for the taxpayers, cause the McDonough/Higgins plan was a fiasco. Harrison couldn't even run Kennedy Stadium properly. The traffic problem it would have created was disasterous.

Now lets see what they come up with. A Movie Studio? naw , done that-didn't work. How about some nice Office buildings with their own parking garages with walkways to the Path Stadium. These would be financed by private money and not by the taxpayers.

Its also time to look over the Public Safety workers in Harrison. Murray is giving away the store and it will result in higher taxes. Lets make the HFD part volunteer. Thats all that is needed without industry.

The Shore home now looks good for Ray and Pete. Lets give them a bonvoyage party :D;)B)

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The Shore home now looks good for Ray and Pete. Lets give them a bonvoyage party   
Lets add the council on the list for the party. Include Kelly the *****, Doran the ***, Victor the ****, Disalvo the ******* ****, Arty the balancing act, Michael D the mute, Mike Rodgers the fame chaser and who's left?????? I don't know her name, thats how good she is............

KOTW Note: The above post was edited for content.

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With all the town revenue being wasted on the redevelopment so far with no success , I feel the Mayor and the redevelopment group should tender their resignations for their failure to secure a committed developer with a definite plan or direction for the town. It seems the only thing being developed is their own personal wealth at the expence of the town taxpayers. Gentelmen, harri karri is not praticed in our country, so the next best thing is to resign, do the honorable thing.

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