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Is Hoboken the Prototype for all Redevelopments in North Jersey?If it is You should also be aware of some of the side effects that occurred in Hoboken from it.Almost all of the Families from the area have been displaced.The former Home owners made a bundle and moved on.The rent paying Tenants were either lucky and moved into Applied Housing or were forced to move to less desirable parts of Jersey City.That scenario is occurring here right now.The Harrison Gardens is the only hope for alot of Families.If they do not get in the Gardens the next stop is North Newark.

One good thing that happened in Hoboken is alot of Proffesionals moved in with sharp minds and a fire in Thier Bellies to get involved with Thier Community and ran for Office in Hoboken.They were more interested in protecting Thier Rights then kissing Asses.Hopefully People will come in and unseat this Bunch.

These changes are inevitable it cannot be stopped.There is gonna be alot of Profit and Grief involved for People living here.There is no Empathy for the less fortunate.The Profiteers cannot see the plight of the Families struggling to stay in Town,Struggling to keep Thier Children out of Newark Schools.This gonna be so Tough on so many People and it is all about Money.

The sorriest part of this is the People that received the most out of this Town moved away and the People that need to stay won't be able Too.

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Adler is not fighting redevelopment.He is just attempting to get a Fair Market Price for His Properties.The original Appraissals are over 4 yrs old and alot has changed in that time.The former Cookie Factory Property has changed Hands twice in that Time and went Sky high.Why should He accept out of Date Prices.

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