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I Have In An Important Question...


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In The Observer This Week, One Of Their Articles Was Titled:

"Having A Bad Day? Meet Mr. McCabe."

After Having Read The Story, I'm Still Having A Bad Day, But Since I Already Have His Home Address, Is Anyone Interested In Also Providing Me With Mr. McCabe's Home Telephone Number? I'd Like To See If He's Available To Come Out For Drinks With Me Tomorrow Night. I've Always Loved Those "Bad Boys". I Wish I Had Been There For The Arrest. It Seems As Though It Was An Exciting Scene Right Out Of "COPS".


P.S. - KPD: Tisk, Tisk, You Should Be Ashamed Of Yourselves...10 Cops To One Man!?!?! Haven't You All Heard Of Rodney King?


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Guest LisaPuppet=Windbag

Amazing how many posters respond to your topics. Maybe if you were not such a WINDBAG with a crappy sense of humor some posters might respond to you. Have fun talking to yourself WINDBAG! :blink:;);)

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