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Want Me To Stop Posting?


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I'm Here To Stay...Whether You Like It Or Not!


I'm Just What This Board Always Needed...

To Whomever Is Posting Negative Comments About THIS Lisa Supporter:

Although It's Become Quite Clear To Me Over The Past Two Days, That I Am Addressing A "Geek Audience", Over The Web, I Still Don't Quite See Where The Problem Lies. I Understand Your Concern, I Really Do. I Know That Geeks Get Defensive About Anything That Targets Young, Middle-Class, White Males Working (Or Yearning To Work) With Technology. Of Course, Geeks Tend To Take Things Further Than That, And You Can In Fact Attest To That. I Expect People Like You To Get Extremely Angry About Anything That Fails To Further The Interests Of What You Determine To Be Socially Acceptable. Regardless Of Your Reasons For Visiting This Board, Let's Face It, Web-Surfing Is Still A Terribly Solitary Activity. So, On That Note, Please Go Devise Your Plan On How To Breakup Microsoft.

In Closing, You're Obviously A Sad, Humorless Geek, Who Simply Doesn't Appreciate Satire. Due To The Fact That Precious Few Of Your "Type" Have Girlfriends, Wives, Or Children, I Suggest That You Invest Your Otherwise Wasted Time, Learning The Wonderful Art Of Sarcasm...


In Case You Don't Have Access To A Dictionary:

Sarcasm - sar·casm (särkzm): Remarks That Mean The Opposite Of What They Seem To Say, And Are Intended To Mock Or Deride.


"It Is Not Necesssary To Understand Things In Order To Argue About Them."

-- Caron de Beaumarchais

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Guest StopTheLisaForumFlooder

In addition to being a forum flooder your are a WINDBAG and a WISEASS! Take your sarcasm and stick it where the sun don't shine, you self-centered JACKASS!


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The Fact Remains That This Site s**ks...

There Aren't Any Replies ANYWHERE On The Board...

It's Dead!

We're The Only Two Posting...


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