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March 14, 2002



Good government requires a team effort. We, the Mayors of Hudson County, all recognize and applaud the fact that the days of bossism in Hudson County are long gone. We seek to work together, as a united team, with Congressman Bob Menendez, our Chairman, to choose the best candidate for County Executive to represent our county and its citizens. The candidate for County Executive should not and will not be chosen by a single individual, but by a mayoral consensus in agreement with our party leaders.

Congressman Menendez took the helm of the Hudson County Democratic Organization at a time when its members found themselves in disarray-uncertain of what the future held for the county-with the intention to build a strong Democratic team. During his tenure as Chairman, he led us to a great victory for Governor McGreevey, and the party broke more barriers by electing the first African American to the State Senate from Hudson County, and the first Puerto Rican woman to the Assembly from Hudson County.

Congressman Menendez has made the time to meet with each and every one of us, listen to our concerns, and work hard both locally and in Washington, DC, to make sure our communities receive the aid they need and deserve. He has done an outstanding job fighting for our communities in Washington, DC and as the Chairman of the Hudson County Democratic Party.

Mayor David Delle Donna (Guttenberg)

Mayor Joseph Doria (Bayonne)

Mayor Dennis Ellwell (Secaucus)

Mayor Raymond McDonough (Harrison)

Mayor David Roberts (Hoboken)

Mayor Nicholas Sacco (North Bergen)

Mayor Alberto Santos (Kearny)

Mayor Albio Sires (West New York)

Mayor Brian Stack (Union City)

Mayor Richard Turner (Weehawken)

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