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The taxes are going to be raised between $400.00 to $1000.00 per home before the end of the year. There are also plans to make several more promotions to Capt. and Batt. Chief prior to the next council meeting. It will be done in secrecy and just read-off at the meeting and approved. Additionally, the ranks of Chief will remain at the police and fire department but a Public Safety Director (The Current Fire Chief) will be appointed with a salary of somewhere around $150,000.00. That has been offered to him already. This town better hope some kind of re-developement takes place to help pay for these positions and keep taxes stable. Some people have become very rich in this town for doing relatively nothing but being a criny to the Mayor. Speak up and good luck.

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Guest harrisonian2

I wouldn't mind paying more taxes if I saw something DIRECTLY IMPACTED WITH THE RAISING OF TAXES. Mr. Mayor and Council (and I must say you guys all looked very professional in JC), stop playing games in Harrison. I don't know who's calling the shots over there, but call it quits. Harrison needs a whole new council. Since Milan left office, nothing has been done. If you would have left him alone he would have done wonders for the town! He had started good projects, he had the initiative to start these programs. When he got elected, he actually went to school to become a better councilman. I believe that if you people didn't try to sabotoge all his work, he would have never become so defensive. It's been proven that you lie Mayor. It's also been proven, you try to point blame else where instead of taking blame.

Let's face it, you might be a good plumber, Mr. Mayor, you might be a good person on the council (hell you people make me laugh every time I see you), but you have little to no experience on Money, Budgeting, and running a business, like a town should be run.

No one on this council has what it takes to stand up and shine!

Milan did!! What ever it was, he was moving. He tried full time. Making that Harrison Fest a success proves my point (last year it lost money, and you accuse him of stealing{insulting his families name}), but thats only the beginning. Trying to develop HARRISON, the inner Harrison not, just the redevelopment zone!! I'm not saying it doesn't have to get done, but passing the ball on to an outside bunch of people to do it is wrong, they don't know whats best for Harrison. Let Harrison Develop Harrison. Fix our streets, fix our sidewalks, and finish Milan's work...the street post, our facades on businesses and homes.

Not one person on this council has what it takes.

Who has had their kids grow up in this school system?

Who owns property in Harrison? (Now that Mr. Mayor should be embarrassing

Who has more jobs for their family and friends in this town? (now thats politics, but embarrassing)

If you can prove me wrong, you have two years, but you had more then 2 years (all except for VILLALTA, who I voted for, because I believed)and no one has stirred up more controversy then Milan. I say controversy because any time he started something, thats what followed. And thats all because he tried to make a difference. I believe it's all because you Mr. Mayor and council were afraid of not being able to take advantage of this town like you do.

Till now he's the only one I would vote for.

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Guest Is this for real???
Harrison introduces $29M budget

Officials say increases may mean a $400 increase for a home assessed at $130,000

Thursday, May 27, 2004

By Rose Duger

Journal correspondent

HARRISON - The governing body introduced a $29.8 million budget for the 2004 calendar year at a special meeting earlier this month.

Isn't every meeting discussing money in HARRISON A SPECIAL MEETING???
The budget includes $27.8 million in municipal expenses, an increase of $2.2 million over last year.

Rising costs for employee health insurance represent the bulk of the increase, according to Joseph Faccone, Harrison's external auditor.
Then why not lay people off, especially after we privatized almost everything!!!!!!!

This year, the town will see a $1 million hike in health insurance costs. Harrison is also required to pay $200,000 this year to the state's police and fire pension system and approximately $135,000 to contract out for pickup of bulk items, which was mandated by the state, Faccone said.

Their goes the Mayor and council passing blame!!!!

The school portion of this year's budget will remain relatively flat, according to Town Treasurer Elizabeth Higgins. However, the town saw a $174,000 increase in school debt service.


The county portion of the tax bill has not been calculated, Harrison officials said.

If adopted as is, the budget would mean a dramatic tax increase for Harrison property owners.

wwwwoooooooeeee is that a shock, it's increased every chance it could because of this mayor and town council. Now that they got rid of the only non-puppet, sh!t is going to hit the fan!!
"This would represent a $400 increase for the average home assessed at $130,000," Faccone said.

Officials cautioned, however, that the hefty tax hike is not yet a done deal.

Mayor Raymond J. McDonough said the town is lobbying with state officials to restore a portion of aid that was cut from this year's budget.

Oh yeah Like Mr. Mayor has any pull with anyone outside of Harrison and PVSC!!! Good luck guys!!

Harrison will receive $3.5 million in Distressed Cities Aid from the state this year, a drop of $400,000 from the 2003 budget.

thats been planned and part of the deal, don't act surprised!!! it started with 5 million

McDonough said the town has petitioned Senators Nicholas Sacco and Bernard Kenny for more aid.

Sacco is the only one left to talk to the Mayor, Good luck talking to Kenny!!!!

"We're asking them to help us out," said the mayor, who noted that several years ago the pair assisted Harrison in restoring $300,000 in aid that had been cut from the budget. "We're also looking at some other things that could possibly bring that figure down."

How many times are they going to bail you out, bail out of office and let someone else do it right!!!!

This year's budget does not project taxes the town may collect when a Hampton Inn and Suites opens later this year. In addition to property taxes, the hotel will pay Harrison an occupancy tax, officials said.

A public hearing on the budget will be held in late next month.

In other business at the May 14 meeting, officials adopted a resolution promoting Derek J. Kearns as a captain in the Police Department. They also named Eugene J. Gilmore as an alternate to the Zoning Board of Adjustment.

Oh god please help

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Guest the facts

yes, we need a whole new council and mayor, but who?

Everyone in this town is kissing up to someone else.

Who could we trust, who has the balls to stand up to these

people and take charge. Who has the gumption to get rid of

all the no show jobs. We can talk and talk but who has the nerve

to face up to these people , knowing that if you lose,you can

end up in the gutter.This is not a kick ass town, it is a kiss ass

town, this is what you do to survive.

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Guest Guest

Most homes in Harrison are valued at much more than $130,00.00. More like $390,000.00. Do the math, thats a $1200.00 increase. Gotta love that Fire Department even more now!

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There is an easy solution to paying your taxes. Sell your house, give your money to TP's wife at the Tax Office, and go live on the sidewalk by Penn Station. See how easy it is when you put your mind to it.

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Guest Salty

As I sat by my pool at the Jersey Shore, I read a copy of the Observer which said that taxes are going up $400. for the average house and up to $1,000 for newer homes. I later went down to Barnegat Bay and went fishing. I was so glad that I moved from Harrison after living there many years. My new Community is having a tax decrease this year. Over 300 acres were recently preserved for parks and a new county park will open in the fall with over 400 acres. The other day, I went deep sea fishing out of Barnegat Light in LBI.

Harrison was very, very good to me and I bought my shore house from Harrison funding. But, I am glad that I decided to leave. The air here is fresh, the taxes are low, and the people are friendly and speak the American language. I even switched to the Republican party after being a lifetime Democrat. When I contacted our Republican legislators in Ocean County, I got an immediate positive response.

Nothing is forever, and you too can break the barrier and move to a beautiful community. Harrison was a very nice Town, but things have changed and it will take a miracle to bring it back.

By the way, we have a volunteer fire and first aid squads. What could be better then that and the community is 34 square miles. It has a 33 Officer Police Dept. with 8 Supervisors. A new playground is being built through donations from the public. What else can you ask for? :):D:lol:

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Guest Guest
For Immediate Release:

April 5, 2004   

For Further Information, Contact:

Jennifer Monaghan, PIO, (609) 292-6055 

Commissioner Susan Bass Levin Awards $90,000 in

Livable Communities Grants in Hudson County

DCA Commissioner Susan Bass Levin presents Harrison Town with a $40,000 Livable Communities Grant for municipal ADA assistance. Pictured from left to right are: Ellen Lucas, Library Director; Commissioner Levin; and Beth Higgins, Chief Financial Officer.

Trenton, N.J. - New Jersey Department of Community Affairs Commissioner Susan Bass Levin today announced that two Hudson County municipalities were awarded a total of $90,000 in Livable Communities Grants for municipal ADA assistance. The funding will be used to bring historic buildings in Harrison and Jersey City into compliance with ADA requirements.

"Here in New Jersey, Governor McGreevey and I are dedicated to making sure the buildings that provide services for our communities are safe, accessible and in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act," Commissioner Levin said. "Livable Communities Grants give our local governments the funding they need to make these critical improvements."

Specifically, Harrison received a $40,000 Livable Communities Grant to retrofit the restrooms adjacent to the new children's library in the basement of its public library. With its grant, Harrison will also purchase and install a handicapped accessible wheelchair lift at the Harrison Water Department building, which was built in the 1930s.

"On behalf of all the people of Harrison, I want to thank Governor McGreevey and Commissioner Levin for this grant that will help us retrofit bathrooms in the Harrison Public Library and make the library more accessible for everyone," said Harrison Mayor Raymond J. McDonough of Harrison.

Last week, Jersey City received a $50,000 Livable Communities Grant for local municipal ADA assistance. Jersey City will use the funding to support the restoration and rehabilitation of Loew's Jersey Theater in Journal Square.

Built during the 1920's, the Loew's Jersey Theatre is listed on the New Jersey Register of Historic Places. With its grant, Jersey City will purchase and install a hearing assistance system, widen a door located at the ground floor restroom to improve accessibility, modify existing seating to provide spaces for wheelchairs, and install ADA compliant showers and toilets in the performer's dressing areas.

Livable Communities Municipal ADA Grants help municipalities bring historic buildings into compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act through improvements to entrances, ramps and bathrooms, for example.

where is the money??
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Harrison, NJ, January 16, 2004 - Harrison, New Jersey Mayor Raymond J. McDonough recently announced that the master plan for the Town of Harrison Redevelopment was recognized with the Outstanding Redevelopment Plan award from the New Jersey Chapter of the American Planning Association (NJAPA).

The original plan, developed by Heyer Gruel Associates, was modified through input from the three major designated redevelopers – Advance Realty Group, Roseland/Millenium and The Pegasus Group. The new design will create over three million square feet of office space, over 7,000 residential units, and over one million square feet of retail space, and will include a new 25,000-seat stadium for Major League Soccer’s MetroStars.

more kids, more residents, more traffic, what about old Harrison
“We are pleased to accept this award for the redevelopment of the Town of Harrison and are very grateful to all of the developers involved in the project for leading the exciting renaissance taking shape in Harrison. This award is an affirmation of the meticulous planning that has been undertaken to ensure development in Harrison is conducted in the most respectful, responsive and professional manner,” stated Mayor McDonough.

“Congratulations to Harrison Mayor Ray McDonough and the town council for their leadership and vision in making this project a reality. We are proud to be a part of this exciting new community which will set the standard for public/private partnerships in the urban sector,” stated Joseph R. Romano, Executive Vice President of Advance Realty Group’s ARG Development Corporation.

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