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Boycott Coke

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Recently Coke introduced a new slimmer-sleaker "easy to hold" 1.5 litre bottle, effectively eliminating its production of the 2L standard. They are marketing that the new slimmer bottles take up less space and keep the coke from going flat as quickly.

This is just another example of big business attempting to take advantage of stupid consumers. Most grocery stores are pricing these new bottles at .89 cents. Since there are a lot of stupid consumers out there, I will clear this up for you...

0.89    1.19
---- =  ----
1.5L    2.0L

I don't know about all of you but I generally buy the 2.0L bottles for .99 cents when they are on sale, not 1.19 - roughly a 20% markup.

And up course you all should realize that the .89 is only an introductory price, once consumers warm up to this newer friendlier size, the price will slowly increase.

Luckily, consumers are rejecting the new rip-off bottles. According to an article in the New York Daily:


At Evergreen Supermarket in East Harlem, shoppers shunned the new bottles after the 2-liter containers sold out.

"When the customers saw them, they wouldn't even touch them," said store manager Manuel Rivera. "Now I'm out of 2-liter bottles but I can't get rid of the smaller ones."


Don't be a stupid consumer, boycott these new rip-off bottles. We can force them to return the 2.0L bottles, anyone remember the "New Coke" or clear Pepsi???

For more info check out: http://www.nydailynews.com/front/story/192...7p-166455c.html

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Mountain Dew is better than coke.


We alone are fighting for metal that is true

We own the right to live the fight, we're here for all of you

Now swear the blood upon your steel will never dry

Stand and fight together beneath the battle sky

- Manowar

These guys ever involved in a fight?

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