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Harrison is basically a welfare Town. If it wasn't for the State of NJ giving them 4 million in aid for their Municipal budget and untold millions for their school system they would be bankrupt and taxes would skyrocket. Yet, the Mayor and Council continue to spend money like its the 1940's when it was the beehive of industry.

Just look around you, there is no industry and the stores on the main avenues are poorly kept and their merchandise is of poor quality.

How can they continue to support a Fire Dept. with 20 Supervisors all with the rank of Captain or above. What happened with the regionalized plan for West

Hudson Fire Dept.s

The Police Department is being run by the PBA President. There is unlimited overtime being spent because the officers are calling in sick on every shift. One squad has only 2 Officers reporting on a regular basis. Someone has to step up to the plate and take charge.

Where is the re-development. A handful of officials and lawyers are getting rich off of this scheme. They just hired a Texas lawyer for $150,000 to negotiate with the Metro Stars. Why? the hotel being built of Passaic Ave has a tax abatement that will provide little revenue to the Town.

When the State realizes that they have been had and pulls the plug on the aid, the Town will be in deep trouble and taxes will go through the roof.

Its time to put a new slate up for the Mayor and Council positions. Someone who can stop the waste that is going on.

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