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Land Of The Free....except In Nj

Guest Taxed Out

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Guest Taxed Out

The NJ Government seems to feel that any thing goes as long as it can can be taxed.

Tax my income. Then tax the little bit I have left when I make a purchase. Then a luxury tax. Then add a sin tax. Exactly which commandment forbids smoking and drinking. Then re-tax the money that may have been left to me by a relative.

Recently a bill has been passed to ban the purchase of cigarettes online. WHY? Because NJ can't get the tax bucks. The bill hides behind a curtain that pretends it is because of possible sales to minors.

Great, so go after the people that sell to minors. There are stores all over the state that sell to minors. Catch them, fine them, put them in jail for all I care. But leave the legal transactions alone.

You buy a car; you gat taxed. However this same product is taxed every time it is resold. NJ makes more on the vehicle than the manufacturer.

You get E-Z pass and end up paying more for toll's with a 1 dollar a month surcharge. That’s what you get for trying to ease the traffic burden and cut down on salary.

The list goes on and on.

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