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Guest Wondering Will

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Guest Wondering Will
Candidate says backers harassed by Menendez

Congressman: Volunteers just went to homes to check names

Tuesday, April 20, 2004

By Jason Fink

Journal staff writer

Two congressional candidates backed by Jersey City Mayor Glenn D. Cunningham in the upcoming Democratic primary denounced U.S. Rep. Robert Menendez of Hoboken, accusing his campaign of sending out workers to harass their supporters at home.

Sounds like Mayor McD**ba** of Harrison starting a rumor that Millan tries to intimidate people because he wears a long coat and always dresses with shirt and tie, not like the rest of the council.

Menendez only "questioned them about their names and signatures on the nominating petitions", what is it not ok to question if it's legit???

"I was very upset," said Christine Powell, who signed Fulop's petition and said she was visited at her home at about 8 p.m. Wednesday by men wearing T-shirts that said Jersey City Police Department and Hudson County Sheriff's Department.
How funny is that?? Christine Powell B):D:D The Powells always stirring up trouble... I thought the mayor was friends with Menendez. Why when I walked in the Bergen Street Mall, along the store that prints signs, I see a huge A$$ sign of Cunningham??????? Raymond, who are you supporting. During election time, don't show your face with Menendez just for the spanish vote. LIES< LIES<LIES thats what your going to be known for.....Mayor McDumb A$$
"It's the silly season and this is politics," Menendez said.
How true was that comment. You can not controll what supporters do! He might have thought that some signatures were funny and someone took it on themselves to double check. If I would see a Powells name on anything I would too. Wouldn't you??? B)
Menendez pointed to what he called a "history of fraudulent petitions" and cited the disqualification of his challenger in 2002 - also a Cunningham-backed candidate - for not having enough valid signatures.
Good thing our mayor supports this criminal Cunningham!!!!!!

Go check out his beautiful Mug Shot at the Mall!!!!!!!!!

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