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Good Ol Harrison

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Good ol' Harrison

It's politics as usual in Harrison. Promises unfulfilled. Meetings that announce something big (with the big either never happening or heavily delayed). Or just flat-out bickering between mayor, council and the public.

Its the Harrisonian way.

The sad part of their politics is that someone or something is always caught in the crossfire. This time its one of Harrisons finest police officers, Capt. Dan Nankivell.

Last week, The Observer reported that one of the three Harrison police captains was going to be promoted to deputy chief at the recommendation - according to Mayor Ray McDonough -- of the state Department of Community Affairs.

The town council held a meeting to introduce a resolution to hire a deputy chief and eliminate one captain position. The meeting was held in the mayors office with sparse public attendance. The idea was to keep Nankivell, who handed in his retirement papers a few months ago, within the ranks of the police department. The captain would have been given an annual salary increase of $15,000.

"Would have" is the key phrase. It turns out that the DCA recommended that the position not be created in Harrison. And all of a sudden last week, after the story hit, news comes that there will be no deputy chief. Now nobody is returning phone calls --including the mayor, who brought up the issue in the first place. One councilman admitted that he was embarrassed for being out of the loop on the issue. Why would Harrison go to such great lengths to not only embarrass themselves, but their police department?

Who is telling the truth? In Harrison, nobody knows.

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