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Guest mayor mcdumbass

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You have nothing to add Connie? You usually come out with guns drawn when they talk about your love. Your going to allow the Observer to Blatantly call him a LIER?

Did he cancel the April meeting yet? You know he has to cancel it now that the papers proved he is a BU** **IT artist.

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Guest Joe Dirt

Such a shame - - and to think there was hope. Now we'll see who will sink and who will swim. Time for the man-children to act like adults. . . is it possible??? :lol: Stay tuned. :P

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Guest Guest_guest

For those few who might have missed this:

The Observer, Wednesday, March31, 2004

By Tony Attrino


HARRISON - Against the wishes of Mayor Ray McDonough and some members of the town council, the police department won't get a deputy chief.

That's the word from the state Department of Community Affairs, which announced on Friday that, in spite of comments from town officials, it never recommended a change to the police department's table of organization.


There is your proof that this mayor is running out of control. He honestly believes he is larger than large. He plain out lied!! He has a serious problem of lying. His credit is shot.
The Harrison mayor told The Observer two weeks ago that he and the council were following a DCA recommendation to eliminate one captain from its ranks so that the position of deputy police chief could be created. The promoted captain would have received a pay increase of $15,000 a year.
Yet he was telling us in that same article that it would be saving us Harrisonians money!!
McDonough said recently that the DCA recommended promoting one captain to the deputy chief position as a more cost-efficient way of running the department.

But on Friday, McDonough could not be reached for comment.

Really, what he meant to say was that it was a nice way to pay people for favors and votes. The Mayor couldn't be reached Friday, nor Monday or Tuesday morning, because this paper is released Wednesday. Another sign as to how WEAK THIS MAYOR AND COUNCIL ARE. MAYOR HIDES IF HE CAN'T INTIMIDATE!!!!
Councilman Jim Doran, chairman of the police committee, said he was unaware that the DCA had ever agreed to a change to the table. "I'm embarrassed that I'm out of the loop on this," Doran said.
James, James, James, nice cop-out, but you're trying to tell me you don't read the newspapers nor have any type of relationship with any of the police officers???

When was the last time the Chairman of the Police Committee was in contact with an officer??


And you consider your-self Mayor Quality, please. You're just another one of the Mayors Puppets and "YES" man.

I DO BELIEVE YOU WERE AT THE COUNCIL MEETING TO INTRODUCE THE RESOLUTION TO HIRE A DEPUTY CHIEF!! The meeting was held in the mayor's office, (where I now believe the town meeting are held too) with almost no Harrisonians present, that is how the town likes to conduct business


P.S. nice photo fat boy! McDonuts

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Guest Guest

james was out of state at the day of meeting and was not pressent for that meeting, guess they took the opertunity to pass this through , because he was not for the promotion. check you info be fore you make a blanket statement.

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Guest Guest

And I guess he didn't check his mail, because all council get mailed the resolutions to be passed (AGENDA)before they are voted on!! Therefore he must have known about when he received his mail!! So keep your blanket statements to your-self. Infact these Agendas are delivered by the police!! You should know that, but nice try. ;)

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Guest Guest
And I guess he didn't check his mail, because all council get mailed the resolutions to be passed (AGENDA)before they are voted on!! Therefore he must have known about when he received his mail!! So keep your blanket statements to your-self. Infact these Agendas are delivered by the police!! You should know that, but nice try. ;)

This resolution was not on the Agenda. It was kept off and added on in caucus, 1 hour before the meeting. Some council members were aware, those who would vote against it, were not. Buisness as usual. If its controversial, add it in caucus and get it in before its too late.

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Guest Guest

Still, he didn't read the Observer or as Commissioner he had no clue for over two weeks, come on!! Lies, business as usual for the Harrison team "YES" council

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Guest Guest

Say anything you want but Doran knew it. I know it for a fact. He would like you to believe he didn't but face it guys . . he's a step and fetch it. He complains out of one side and kisses ass out the other (literally).

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Guest Guest
American City & County, Apr 1, 1995

Ward, Janet

Harrison, N.J., mayor fills big shoes

Raymond McDonough may never be "The Mayor" of Harrison, N.J. Oh, he was elected to the position -- handily, as a matter of fact. And his stationery says "Mayor." And his secretary answers the phone, "Mayor's office."

But McDonough, who has been in office all of a few months, follows in the footsteps of Frank Rodgers, a legend in these parts. Rodgers was the mayor of Harrison, a small working class community of 14,000 people sandwiched between Jersey City and Newark, for 48 years -- 24 consecutive two-year terms. When he stepped down in January, Rodgers was the longest-serving mayor in the country.

McDonough, born and raised in the tight-knit community, is 45 years old. He has never known another mayor. So it surprises no one when McDonough refers to Rodgers as "The Mayor," as in, "When The Mayor was The Mayor...".

McDonough, who had served on the Harrison City Council for 17 years, had Rodgers' backing in the election, which turned out to be a no brainer; McDonough the anointed successor, a lifelong resident and a Democrat, swamped his Republican opponent in a town in which Democrats hold a 10-1 advantage.

But getting elected was the easy part. "It is kinda strange," McDonough admits. "Frank was the mayor my entire life. It feels strange even sitting here in his office. Those are big shoes to fill."

Rodgers ran the town like a benevolent fiefdom. He was on a number of state and county commissions and, in the days before industry deserted, was a one-man job-finding agency, making sure friends and voters found and kept gainful employment.

But the last 20 years have not been kind to Harrison. Worthington Pumps, Otis Elevator, RCA and Hartz Mountain left for greener pastures, and the economy soured. Consequently, one of McDonough's first acts as mayor was to form an economic advisory committee whose purpose is to attract new industry.

Additionally, McDonough has hired 14 new police officers and 12 new firefighters and is looking at refurbishing Harrison's downtown.

A plumber by day, McDonough wakes at 5 am. in order to be at work at 6. He fixes Harrisonians' pipes until 3 p.m., and heads to the mayor's office where he attempts to fix their other problems. "I'll leave the office at 6 p.m. to go home for dinner," he says. "But I'll come back if I have to."

So far it's working. "The adjustment has been fine," says Marion Borek, who has worked in City Hall since 1947, the last two decades of that as the mayor's secretary. "At least I haven't goofed up on the phone yet."

So what has he done????? He's purchased a house down the shore, not in the town he's mayor. Does anyone remember if he was a good plummer??
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Guest Guest

Mayor Raymond McDonough (973) 268-2444

Council Angelo Cifelli

Council O John Disalvo

Council Arthur Pettigrew

Council Anselo Millan

Council Daniel Kelly

Council Michael Rodgers

Council Michael Dolaghan

Council James Doran

Town Clerk Paul Zarbetski (973) 268-2434

Board of Health Karen Comer (973) 268-2441

Engineer Joseph Cundari (973) 268-2446

Fire Department Chief Louis Nazarro (201) 483-0611

Library Director Ellen Lucas (201) 483-2366

Municipal Court John Johnson (201) 268-2453

Police Department Chief Vincent Greene (201) 483-4100

Registrar Stanley Grabowski (201) 268-2436

Recreation Department Joseph Bubenas (201) 268-2469

Senior Citizen Center Marion Listwan (201) 268-2436

Street Commissioner Bill Panski (201) 268-2468

Tax Assessor Albert Cifelli (201) 268-2468

Tax Collector Margaret Powell (201) 268-2424

Treasurer Elizabeth Higgins (201) 268-2433

Violations Bureau Jean Gilmore (201) 268-2454

Harrison Board Of Education (973) 483-2055

517 Hamilton Avenue

Harrison, NJ 07029

Superintendent of School (973) 483-4627

Harrison High School (973) 482-5050

Lincoln School (973) 483-6400

Washington School (973) 483-2285

Harrison Housing Authority

788 Harrison Avenue

Harrison, NJ 07029

Phone: (973) 483-1488

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