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Enough Already!

Guest Moses

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When Paul stops TRAINING his son!

Guess Mr. P. must be just as bad in your opinion because he "TRAINS" girls at school in crew.

P.S. it's obvious to anyone paying attention that Matthew is quite self-sufficient and good at 'taking matters into his own hands.' You guys just whine about how he was manipulated by his father because it scares you that much that a high school junior caught one of your precious fundies in the act. Face it--Matthew caught his teacher, and good. Even a 16-year old can detect your BS.

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all of you are pathetic. MATTHEW LaCLAIR is a WHIMP and hes so pathetic ..... all he wants is attention and his face in the paper because GOD knows hes not going to make it on broadway. he should face the facts hes an ugly stubborn LOSER who should go play is violin

props to mr.p an awesome teacher.

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