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Fire On William St.

Guest MISS

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The fire was on Belgrove Drive at the intersection of Wilkinson Terrace. But you're right, it was bad, very very bad. Inspector Fucetola took me through it about noon. I've said it before - it takes a very special person to go into a burning building. I don't think I could do it.

There was one fatality in the fire and she was one of the nicest people I 've ever had the pleasure to meet. My sincerest condolences go out to her family. She really was an exceptional person.

Three firefighters were injured. All were treated at the hospital and released. I believe one firefighter was placed on sick leave and the other two returned to duty.

Thank you to the members of the Kearny Fire Department and the Kearny Emergency Squad for all their help. We should all be proud of the job they did.

Councilman Jim Mangin

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Guest Firefighter Information

An FYI for those of you wondering about the status of the injured firefighters. As Mr. Mangin stated, all three were treated and released from WHH today. One had severe burns to his face, one had smoke inhalation, and the third was hit by falling glass and debris from the second story window - he received 8 staples in his scalp. As a member of the KFD who was working the fire today I know I speak for all of my brothers by expressing my deepest sympathy to the family. Our hearts go out to you and we will keep you in our prayers.

To those of you keeping us in our prayers, thank you.

Also, thanks to the KPD, as well as the Harrison FD for your support, Kearny EMT's for your professionalism, and NAFD for covering the town.

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Guest wiseupnow
With all these injuries, I can't help but wonder if the department has sufficient manpower.

Mr. D'Arco???

Mayor Santos???


Like a lot of other communities in the area, the KFD without a doubt does not have the amount of firefighters that they should have. But Joey D thinks they can "get by" with what they have now. And the firefighters go above and beyond when called to duty. They have to. There's not enough of them to do every job on the fire ground at the time it needs to be done. But they do the best with what they have. My sincerest sympathy goes out to the family and friends of the fire victim. Lets hope the town council wakes up and does the right thing. I'm sure that the KFD, KPD and Kearny EMS will always go that extra step to help that stranger in distress, God Bless Them All!!

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