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Bulletin Board Is Back


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:blink: Give the New Bulletin Board A Chance.  At first it's hard to let go of the past but the new Board has many more features including a Calendar of Events.  Individual posters can be anonymous or they can register and reserve their name.  Give it a try.

Really, this type of message board has some great features, such as the avatar (that's the little picture like KOTW has on his/her posts), private messaging (you can send email type message to other registered members), post preview and post editing (you can edit your mistakes even after the post is sent).

Give it a chance and you will like it.


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Since today is Day 5 since the board has been back up, tomorrow :blink: we will have broken a record.

The more I use the Board, the more I like it. I think you'll come to like it too.

Tell your friends. I think the Board is a great way to build a better sense of community.

Then again I'm biased.

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