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Guest al cifelli

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Guest al cifelli

I tried to respond to the comments that were critical of me. That's OK; however, when I tried to respond  (always identifying myself)) my comments were not reported. Can someone explain? Am I being censored? Also, I don't mind the critiques but can't these folks identify themselves so I might better reply. It's so easy to bash someone when you don't have to give your name. I, like all the Cifelli's, am up front and place my name of my posts.  C'mon show some courage and honor. Let me know your name!.


Al Cifelli

Edited by KOTW
Note: KOTW cannot confirm this Post was made by Albert Cifelli.
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KOTW cannot confirm the above Post was made by Albert Cifelli.

As to the statement "when I tried to respond (always identifying myself) my comments were not reported."  KOTW has not received an posts from Albert Cifelli to review for posting.  KOTW's policy is to allow free speech and does monitor posts but our policy is to try to have every contribution posted.  When necessary we will edit posts with asterisks and note that the post was edited by KOTW. We on occasion archive or delete messages we believe are too personal or egregious but first we try to edit portions of the post with asterisks noting the same.


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