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Steve Landfield Letter to Mayor Fife

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My Letter to Mayor Fife & The Council Today:  

Mayor Fife and Council, I am a five -year resident of SteelWorks Apartments and an environmental safety instructor, who is well aware of the danger of Agent Orange, yet for some unknown reason you have done nothing to oppose the proposed toxic sludge dewatering and concrete plants, which figure to be located right across the street from us. I have to teach Tuesday night, so please accept these written comments in lieu of my attendance at the scheduled town meeting. I cannot understand why you would allow such a dangerous plant to be located directly across the street from hundreds of Harrison residents. 

You couldn't wait to develop this area (despite failing to also improve the infrastructure like the constantly overflowing storm sewers on Frank E. Rodgers Blvd S.), but now you obscure the plans and don't take steps to protect us! Why did you mislead us about these plans during your recent re-election campaign? Was it that important to be re-elected mayor?   If there is one job a mayor should do, it is to protect the residents of his town from a cancer-causing neighbor, and you are NOT doing that! If you can't or won't protect hundreds of your constituents from a terrible toxic waste plant to be located directly across the street from us, PLEASE RESIGN and let's elect someone who will.

This is a bad look for you and not the legacy you want. I know that former Harrison mayors usually get something named after them. Perhaps we will someday have the James A. Fife Dewatering Plant here in Harrison?  I certainly hope not.

Steve Landfield 

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Guest Harrisonian

The reason is he cannot go against James Doran.  Doran is a Commissioner at Passaic Valley Sewerage Authority and they too will be accepting dioxin laden Agent Orange soil at their plant in Ironbound Newark.  Environmental Justice at its best. It's time to request a rent reduction for staying at Steelworks.  Management there sent out a political email to residents called Mayoral Candidate / Counciman Anselmo Millan and local attorney John Pinho LIARS when they circulated a Petition opposing EPA's Toxic Sludge plant.  Management at Steelworks, Vermella, Urby (it will be the back end of the plant with rail line separating them), Cobalt and what is the new one Westly plus the Red Bull Arena.  Who wants to sit and watch a game with a dioxin sludge plant with cement factory dust and emissions a couple blocks away?  Is Management going to send an email saying they need tenant help to stop this madness?

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