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Uncle Jimmie Canning the Police Dispatchers

Guest Harrisonian

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Guest Harrisonian

So I read that Jimmie is canning the police dispatchers and having Bergen county answer our 911 calls.  What a piece of **** he and Doran are?  Local residents getting fired?  Is the Council going to go along with this ********?  Who is picking up the duffle bag with the cash in Bergen County?  May it is a gold bar or two that needs to be picked up.  Jimmie is retiring to his house in Vermont and Doran to his house what's that liberal place he brags about?  The rest of us are ******* with Bergen County people taking our emergency calls.  What the **** do they know about Harrison?  Nothing.

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This is terrible that we cant afford dispatcher's.This isn't safe for town to have to.go thru north Bergen.How more at the rec center is he going to hire to sit in the corner on there phone

Take a walk in there mayor




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