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Manor Streets

Guest Resident

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Guest Resident

It is mind boggling that the people in the manor section, off the lower section from Pleasant to Passiac Ave are staying and not moving out of Kearny. Just the poor conditions of the streets alone in front of their houses is saying the Mayor doesn't care what so ever. The roads are beating the hell out of the cars and the Mayor could care less. Wake up people. your not getting your tax moneys worth from Kearny. SAD BUT TRUE..

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Guest Cobblestone Observer

How was this allowed to be ignored for so long. These streets are a total disaster. Carol Doyle should be held on the carpet for this total disregard for the property taxpayers of the 3rd ward. Who by the way pay the highest taxes out of all the ward's. Commissioner Al Cifelli has emerged looking for Re-election in June you would think as a resident of the 3rd Ward he would be outraged at the condition of these streets. Nothing is said by him just pop's up when he's running for election. Sad.

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