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Millan Letter

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Millan sent a nice letter out.  He is right about Fife not looking out for the residents. Fife is buddy buddy with the developers.  He likes the attention. He will sell anyone out in a heart beat if there is something in it for himself.

When I went to Harrison High School, he sold me out to Vo-Tech.  I learned nothing at Vo-tech. I regretted it.  Fife did not care about us.  He cared that he had a position that paid more money to him.  The more kids he got to go to Vo-Tech the more he made and got job security.

Fife needs to go.  Interim Mayor.  He is like a house guest that has overstayed his welcome.  He is now annoying.  Doing nothing and showing up to take credit for what others have done.

Bennett should have run not Fife.  Millan has earned our Vote and respect.

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Guest Votecher

Did Mr Fife force u to go that route ? You couldn't make your own choice. Maybe the Votech was your only option and it seems you fumble that opportunity. Milan is a joke who continues to run and loose. Don’t blame others for your failure. 




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