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Mayor Fife Says No to Transgender residents

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Mayor Fife in response to a speaker who stated that Transgender people had read books at Jersey City schools to children stated that "No Transgender people would be in Harrison School System."  He stated that he was a Principal for many years and that was not going to happen in Harrison.

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On 7/16/2022 at 12:22 PM, Guest Resident said:

When was this? 

At the Public Session of the July 6, 2022 Council meeting.  Ask Kathy West she spoke right after Fife made the statement.

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Guest Where you going to shop?

Let's break it down into simple terms using the analogy on, where are you going to shop?

Would you go to a butcher for flounder no it's a meat market.

Would you go to a meat market for salmon? It doesn't take a genius to get what I'm getting at here. If you're a boy trapped in a girl's body then be a boy in school after school dress up do whatever you want but in school be a boy . If you're a manly girl be a girl in school after school put on your daddy's pants daddy shirt smoke a cigar it's your business keep it that way keep your business your sexuality out of school doesn't belong there education does simple as that. Not a question ** ***** sexuality is it any of our business no, ** ***** has always been a professional never flaunted *** sexuality just been a good public servant.

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