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Mayor Grillo

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Mayor Grillo is no experience in public service.  She thought the job would be easy but what she did not count on was in politics people are only out for themselves and their families.  When you start off getting rid of long term Borough Clerk and then Robert Knapp, you just shot yourself in both feet.  Instead of relying upon the experience and knowledge of these individuals who know the players and can get things done for you with one call, you are on the road to disaster.  Mayor Smith was taken out by those whose loyalty is not to East Newark but to themselves and their egos.  Some good people voted the other way despite what Mayor Smith provided to them.  Greed is a terrible thing.  You got what you did not expect.  If you look at the finances of the town you will see disaster on the horizon.  How much are you going to pay a PT Business Administrator?  50k. The guy, Robert Dowd,  is a former Police Chief out of North Bergen.  What does he know about running a town?  A Commissioner on NJSEA who sat for over a year and let the Keegan Landfill poison the residents of East Newark and said nothing to support the community.  He should be embarrassed to even walk the streets of East Newark.

The Observer covered Robert Knapp


and it also covered appointment of the Business Adminsitrator


If you read between the lines these articles point out with facts what I stated above.  Mayor Dina Grillo should have kept Robert Knapp and the Borough Clerk because they would have helped her manage her job.  Mayor Smith was a shrewd guy and he knew who to trust and who not to trust.  He stood up to then Superintendent of Schools James Doran (the guy with the 4 jobs) and told him he was not paying the per student cost of sending East Newark to Harrison because it was outrageous and instead made a deal to send the high school students to neighboring Kearny.  Doran and Fife (his puppet) supported Grillo to get back at him.  Grillo is very naive and it will be lucky she doesn't get herself in trouble hanging out with the Doran Fife crew.


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