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AG Needs to Come To Indict in Harrison

Guest Harrisonian

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Guest Harrisonian


A story out of Jersey City. Recreation head has family fill 5 jobs seasonal work but family members are no show or low show employees. 

In Harrison, Superintendent of School James Doran, gets a new job made out of thin air, the job title didn't exist, so that he is not subject to the salary cap. 

The Superintendent's job is then filled and Doran continues to call the shots out his new no-show job as Director of Personnel.  There was never a Director of Personnel job

Isn't this thief of money for the difference between capped Superintendent salary and new Superintendent salary plus the cost of the new Superintendent's job which is not necessary and basically got a low-show job.  No decisions were made by the new Superintendent.

Easy case with one interview.

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There are a lot of things the AG needs to look at in this town.  I tip my hat to the AG as he doesn't care who is who or how they are connected he takes them down.  Start writing, keep writing, call his office or bring it to the media.  

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I'm surprised they weren't indicted for using the federal money meant for the children to go to broadway shows and to pay Councilman Huaranga who didn't do any work.  There was an article in the Observer some time back.  I guess you can steal and get away with it.

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Guest 3rd Floor

A town worker told me there is an investigation being conducted in Harrison and there may be getting help from the inside in exchange for leniency. It has to do with being hired back after retiring and the school.

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