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November Election

Guest Harrisonian

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Guest Harrisonian

I got some literature from Councilman Millan who is running to get his Council seat back.

I wasn't home when he came.  I like Councilman Millan.  He is the only Coucilman who actually does something.

I went on the www.Harrisonians.com website and it was refreshing. 

Issues and Solutions. 

Bios.  A young kid but a Harrisonian Blue Tide sports guy now in finance. Nice. 1st ward. 

Anselmo is 2nd ward. His record is spelled out in a page of achievements. impressive.

3rd ward Carrion. A business may with trucking company.  Wow.  We need businessmen as Council people instead of leaches working for the school system making more money than they are worth.

4th ward Azevedo.  A guy whose daughter got sick from the Keegan toxic gas and did something about it. Went door to door with Millan and got 2000 signatures.  Nice.

I think everyone who votes should vote and consider these Column C candidates.

It will be nice to have a voice on the Council.  Now all we have is puppets who don't want to lose their job.

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I sent a letter explaining everything Millan did but I'm taking credit for him.

I used to praise Anselmo until he ran against me for Mayor.  I know I was suppose to be interim Mayor but James Doran wants me to hold on.


Video from 2 years ago where I praised Anselmo.  My council members were all there to witness it and the camera was rolling (oh boy).

Mayor James Fife.

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Guest Harrisonian

All this new development and my property taxes went up.  Too much money for Board of Education who gets funds from the State and still over 50% of y property taxes.  The Doran gang is getting overpaid including himself.  Why hasn't the state stepped in to stop this abuse of he public trust.  His buddy Choffo is unqualified and making almost 300k.


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I am voting for Azevedo.  Dolaghan put a sign on my house without even asking.  Azevedo and his wife came around and when I asked them about Dolaghan, they didn't bad mouth him the wife simply told me its time for him to go, he is doing nothing on behalf of the 4th ward, exactly right.  I haven't seen Dolaghan at the door in years.  He has his job at High School and is making a lot of money for his qualifications.  Column C. Simple as that.

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