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Cap Keegan Landfill

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How incredible is it that democratic Governor Murphy is silent on the Keegan Landfill.  A millionaire who is afraid of his wall street buddies losing money on defaulted bonds from the NjSEA who is in court fighting the capping of a landfill who they negligently possibly criminally operated and the Waste Management Company who nobody is talking about is involved.  The residents have set up a Facebook page Kearny Complaints for Smell at the beginning of the year.  What they should have called it was Kearny Complaints of Toxic Gas. 

This is insane with reading of 1100 ppb and others of 2000+ ppb of hydrogen sulfide.  We are 10 miles from NYC and less from Newark and Jersey City.

The Governor, the weasel that he is, has not come to Kearny.  Refused to Answer Questions on Keegan.  His DEP Commissioner is silent, she will get indicted along with Murphy.  The NJSEA commissioners including some promiennt folks like the co-founder of Bobby Brown Cosmetics which is now part of Loretta Cosmetics is on the board of NJSEA.  They refuse to answer questions at meetings. Another Commissioner is a Union Leader.  He is interested in jobs at the American Dream Mall.  The Mall is a 16 year project bankrupting NJSEA.  Yet another is a Vietnam Vet who probably never saw combat otherwise he would be concerned about the Agent Orange of West Hudson, hydrogen sulfide.  Yet another is a law enforcement officer who doesn't see that he is committing a crime by going along with the Chairman and the President of NJSEA.  Vincent Prieto, the plumber turned inspector turned head of the NJSEA after being taken out of Assembly job.  He does as told or he will lose his 280,000 mob.  A refugee from Cuban who is participating in the poisoning of residents a la Castro style.  Maybe we should deport him to Cuba since he obviously is not smart enough to see the irony in what he is doing.

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Guest Say Something<Do Something

It's tough to rally citizens with a toxic, mud-slinging rant.  The governor is not a weasel, he's a human being just like you.  You should learn to treat people the way that you want them to treat you.  Ask yourself if complaining and insulting your elected representatives on a forum that only town employees read is going to stop the emissions.  After that ask yourself how you can be a better person.  Then, just be a better person and do something constructive instead of being a subversive, faceless, and nameless wrecking ball with no swing whatsoever.

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