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Board of Corruption

Guest SMH

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The BOE has quietly took one of their ****** back into the pit ! Mary Torres is back on as Jim Doran steps down. Doran steps down as usual to cash in for his self serving ********, no pun intended !! He is being hired for an administrators position at the Board of Ed ! Taxpayers just keep filling their pockets. I was sad to leave Kearny, people say things like this happen everywhere, they’re wrong, it doesn’t, it just happens where it’s accepted as business as usual. Do I miss Kearny? A small part of me misses friends still there, but this constant abuse of the system and screwing of the taxpayers is not everywhere, only where it has become common practice. Life is good ! 

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Guest Against Cifelli-Sherry

Perfect reason to change in favor of McKENNA and SOARES           Cifelli-Sherry, Torres time for you to go no more RETREADS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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