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No Drop Off at Path Station

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The Redevelopment Agency headed up by James Fife for years didn't think of doing a drop off zone for commuters.  Fife forgot to include a drop off zone and now the traffic gridlock around the Path station along Frank E. Rodgers has Mayor Rodgers turning over in his grave.  Fife doesn't care he is in Vermont in his house.  His friends and family are cashing in on the tax money and doing nothing to fix the issues with all this redevelopment causing gridlock and safety issues.  Good forbid there is a fire.  how are the fire engines and that big ladder truck going to make it down Rodgers Blvd.

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Guest Harrisonian

Millan came within 200 votes of unseating Fife.  Fife used intimidation of business owners, residents and employees of town and board of education.  He also committed fraud along with Town Clerk Paul Zarbetski who worked "lots and lots  of work for the us [Fife campaign]".  [see video below. The Voter fraud because Zarbetski was supposed to be neutral as he in the Election Official in charge of the voting machines, provisional ballots and hiring of the election poll workers.  In other words, it's like having the Board of Election Supervisor helping a candidate on the ticket he is supposed to be supervising as a neutral party. The Mayor thanked Zarbetski and the girls in the 2nd Ward who did a wonderful job of suppressing the vote in the 2nd Ward with intimidation and turning voters away.  In the 4th ward voters who had moved voted even though they were no longer residents in town.  Unfortunate the Millan ran in the primary if it was in the general election he would have won given he would have had more time to show that Fife is just out for himself


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Guest Save me parking

Why doesn’t someone discuss the parking in town. There is none but you have to jump through hoops to get a permit. But the cops don’t , yeah I said it the cops don’t have their out of town permits. They park every where and get issued nothing. It’s all arranged. While the rest of us pay for their parking privileges. Let’s not mention the fire department they get special treatment despite being all out of towners. Explain why ? Out of town employees aren’t paying for parking too? 

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