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No More Apartments The Roads Are Clogged

Guest Harrisonian

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Guest Harrisonian



Harrison’s more than audacious redevelopment plan continues apace, with all the growing pains that are attendant on a massive upscale residential/commercial dense buildout (4-6 stories and more over 275 acres bordered by the PATH train/Amtrak rail lines to the north and the Passaic River to the West and South). Among these: 1, dramatically insufficient road access (only partially addressed in the plan in later stages of development), which can ill afford skimping on the Dey and Essex street extensions; 2. totally missing attempts to dovetail with Newark for development plans, pedestrian access, public transportation planning, which should have been part of the Greater Newark Amazon HQ2 bid process; 3. parkland set-asides will be the very last components built despite the rapid filling of high end town-home, coop and apartment units; 4. a very haphazard approach to store and amenity selection for the area, depending heavily on a central indoor mall with box store preferences near the new PATH station. In fact, during construction, several commercial street level ventures have come and gone in failure due to lack of transient traffic: the new residents are not going out on the town, and have little to draw them out. The plan is worthy, and uneven development steps are really unavoidable, but there can be no mistake that more serious pedestrian, belt roadway and mass transit planning is needed, and the promised Route 280 EB and WB ramps serving the Red Bulls Stadium is an absolute must or the new development will choke on its success. Signs of this are rampant already with the development only 30% complete.

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