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State Independent Political Fraud Unit Starting in Harrison

Guest Murphy supporter

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Guest Murphy supporter

Thomas Eicher, the former head of the criminal division at the U.S. Attorney's Office in Newark, will answer directly to the attorney general. His first day was Monday. 


Separate Unit to be away from leaks and political influence.

This is why Mayor James Fife and Councilman James Doran have been cancelling the Town meetings and Board of Education meetings.  They are preparing their defenses and laying low.

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Guest Agency Observer

There needs to be an investigation into the reckless assault on innocent employees at the Passaic Valley Sewerage Commission and the wrongdoings of Wayne Forest and Chris Christie and the lack of being prepared when Hurricane Sandy because of his ego driven power trip of throwing out 200 employees for no reason allowed the plant to be distroyed  with millions of dollars of equipment and vehicles and trucks lost and with no manpower in getting the plant back on line. These two individuals had no for site in having a full operating staff on hand to deal with any emergency not just Sandy and as a result the plant was shut down for months and as a reward for his heartless and spineless attack on employees FOREST was appointed as a Judge by CHRISTIE. There needs to be a hard look at what took place here and there was something illegal that took place between the years 2010 and 2016. I urge you to look into this on behalf of the 200 employees that unfairly victimized  by these two animals.

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