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Guest Bob

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Doran and Fife along with many other so called Harrison politicians or I should say family members, should get reported to the FBI and throughly investigated. Aside from all the new buildings things might finally change! Sounds like a plan.

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You will do as you are told by Mr. Fife and Mr. Doran. The good little trolls of Harrison voted for them as instructed and will shower them with praise for many years to come. Pay your rising taxes, vote accordingly and don't complain. If you kiss a** with the proper enthusiasm then you may be considered for a town job. 

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Guest Fuester

I heard people are getting hired by Fife and Doran with Town and School jobs for their support during elections. They are redoing an entire block of sidewalk at Washington School tearing up perfectly good sidewalk to give a work out to supporters. The Observer article on them paying the Councilman Huaranga (the *****) who works for Harrison Realty (owned by Doran's sister in law and previously owned by him) and Huranga's son getting some pay as well illegally from money that was suppose to go to the kids.  They do what they want and the corruption continues.  Those who are honest are fired by Fife.  I heard he targetted people.  Fife has always been about himself.  What Fife and Doran don't realize is there are folks on the inside "flipping" as Trump put it and there days are numbered.  You will die in jail and not in your house in Vermont.

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