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Would you mind telling us where, outside of Harrison, this publication is sold? A Google check says the New Jersey Plain Dealer was published in colonial times 1776-1800. A Wikipedia check of all newspapers published in NJ does not list it. Could it be a selective journal only distributed to friends and relatives of the Machine?  Just asking.

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The Plain Dealer is not sold anywhere near Harrison.  A search with Library of Congress US Newspaper Directory under the National Endowment of the Humanities from 1690 to Present shows the Plain Dealer is published in Williamstown, Glouster County Southern New Jersey from 1926 to present, pretty darn far away from Harrison. A Plain Dealer newspaper was published in North Arlington from 1921 to 1938.  

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Just added like everyone else. When you apply or call the town hall you get the whole song and dance.  This one you speak of has a family member who works for the town that is a disgrace so I sure it plays a part in how she was hired.  How about the 2 of the 4 business owners that sold their business saying the town was just not the same they wanted out we have husband and wife janitors in the school let me add their kids never went to Harrison Schools. Town is not the same but we will take a town job when we have more money than we can count. Some things just never gonna change

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Don't worry if you come to see me and kiss my ring, I will tell the Mayor to give you a job.  If you are really good, I will keep you in the school so you can kiss my ring often.

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