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Fife's third letter

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I don’t know who Fife has writing his letters, but all he is doing is giving us reasons not to vote for Fife.  This person should be fired immediately.  

In his letter Fife said he has stabilized and even reduced taxes.  The fact is that under Fife’s five years of leadership taxes have gone up twenty percent.  This increase has led us to the second highest tax rate in the county.

He hired eight new firefighters and saved the Harrison Fire Dept.  The fact is these fire persons have been hired under a federal grant and the Town will have to pick up their salaries after three years.  He did not mention the town taxpayers would have saved millions by outsourcing our fire services to either Kearny or Newark.  Also he didn’t mention the fact that he spent more than one million one-hundred thousand  for one firebrick.

He kept the new PATH station on tract.  Just how did he do that when the station is the sole responsibil9ity of the Port of Authority.  Did he make a periodic phone call to ask how the new station is going?

He is working on a new 280 interchange with Booker and Mendez, Im sure these two carry enough weight in the republican administration to singly handedly accomplish this.

Fife and his team have been endorsed by Menendez.  Menendez has recently gained national notoriety because he accepted illegal gifts, and other acts of corruption.  This is like being endorsed by Al Capone.

Fife is taking credit for building new playgrounds.  Where are they located?  Has anyone seen a new playground, park, or even a new basketball hoop or maybe a new bench to sit on. in the five years of the Fife administration?

Please, higher an new letter writer.

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Guest Fife watcher

Fife spending money on Observer page trying to buy the paper. He thanks his supporters and then attacks Millan.  

Love the line where Millan is never going to be a part of his administration.  Wow.  Millan is the only guy who stood up to him and there were close to a 1000 people who voted for Millan. The minions who are protecting there over paid jobs at the top.  They were worried.  Take a look at these two videos.  Fife is a lying piece of shit. He says he toke the high road but his true colors showed during the Fife victory speech.  The truth is out and the authorities on notice on where to look.  The taxpayers are going to continued to be abused by their inflated salaries.

Here are two videos.  The first Fife thanking Millan for his "tiredless" work and the 2nd the victory speech where Fife get dirty and insulting a guy who he thanked for his "tiredless" work on the Harrison 175th Anniversary and his work with Harrison Fest.  The best part is when he thanks the Town Clerk Czarbetski 

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Guest Millan Deserves Our Respec

Look at how worried they were and how they say there are not negative and make fun of Councilman Millan.  Fife is a liar and he says Millan get Pinocchios. He thanks Zarbetski for all the help he gave the campaign and the three secretaries on the third floor of town hall.  Zarbetski is the top election official in Primary Election and he is not supposed to be helping any side.  Zarbetski gave a lot of help and is cutting the checks.  I thought Kowalski was the treasurer.  What corruption in Hudson County.  Is the New Jersey Attorney General's office Election Fraud unit coming to pay Zarbetski, Fife, Vila, Simoes, Woods a visit.  Working for the campaign while  on the payroll.  Fife is so corrupt he doesn't even realize its corruption.

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Guest Resident

Of course he gave a dirty speech because he is the company that he keeps!!!

He has people who don’t know any better thinking he is just an old, frumpy man with his Santa beard who wants the best for Harrison....

He is an old man kissing the ground D walks on for putting him in the office. Zero respect for him when I heard the tone of his speech and the minions that applauded.

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