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Fife's Third Letter

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I received Fife's Third letter.  He's urging us to call Tim Cunningham at the State of New Jersey about the outsourcing of the Fire Department to Newark.  So we are supposed to call the guy who sold the Mayor on outsourcing the Harrison Fire Department to Newark to verify that the Mayor is doing a wonderful job with the Fire Department.  Fife has lost it.  Every firefighter knows the truth, Fife was agreeing and signing off and asking every councilman to sign off on the idea from Tim Cunningham from the STate of New Jersey that the Fire Department should be shipped to Newark.

Fife proposes the resolution to outsource, Councilman Millan objects strongly and for an extended period of time, the Mayor tables the resolution, and now takes credit from saving the Fire Department and says Millan who is the Chair of the Fire Department (he doesn't mention that in his letter) takes credit for all that was done under Councilman Anselmo Millan's tenure as Fire Chairman.


Can't make this shit up.  But Doran and Fife do.  They lie constantly and believe their lies


Fife says that Millan "has NO EXPERIENCE and NO RECORD of SUCCESS so he has engaged in a smear campaign filled with misinformation, personal attacks, and numerous false promises of jobs."

Wow. Millan has plenty of experience over 23 years of council experience.  Take a look at Team Millan's website https://millan4mayor.nationbuilder.com/accomplishments .

Fife doesn't even have a website.

Fife, before Millan announced that he was running for Mayor, praised Millan for his tireless efforts on behalf of the residents of Harrison.  Now he has "No Experience and No Record of Success"  Really!

I'm voting for Millan and his team because Fife and Doran are liars.  They are the ones with the misinformation, personal attacks, intimidation of town workers and threats of job losses if town workers or school workers support Millan.

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