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Have you seen Fife’s letter?  What a joke, taxes are only going up $25.00, is that for the year or the quarter.  It doesn’t sound that bad until you realize Harrison already has the second highest tax rate in the county.  How much is enough?

A million dollars for a fire truck?  I wonder how many million dollar trucks they have in Newark or Jersey City.  I’ll bet they have more fires than Harrison and don’t need a million dollar truck.  What’s next, Cadillacs  for the Police Department and Mercedes trucks for the D.P.W.?

We are going to renovate our three playgrounds, A town of 15,000 people, and we are going to fix our three playgrounds, With all the redevelopment, how much space has been set aside for pocket parks, or playgrounds?  That comes out to five thousand people per playground.

We took over the parking lot by the Path, so Harrison residents get the money, what we got is more patronage.  By the time we hire employees, give them health insurance, put them into the pension fund, pay off the bond, what moneys are we giving to the residents.

His opponents’ whole campaign is being led by out of towner’s, like the cops and firemen they just hired.  How many residents were included in this hiring?

Fifes’ whole base is  the crossing guards who stand outside in the rain and snow for peanuts, School lunch room people who put up with the lovely children of our community.  All kinds of town workers who work for peanuts while the top officials are making more money than the governor of our state.  The Department heads just got a six percent raise, bringing some of them to over two hundred thousand a year. Big bucks for a small town. Did the crossing guards, the lunchroom ladies, the town workers get a six percent raise, the answer is no, yet you are expected to vote for those making the big bucks.

Typical Hudson County, politics as usual

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Guest Guest with a Brain

It boggles my mind you people who bash the workers who protect our town. you do realize the fire department is using a ladder truck that is almost 30 years old and was dangerous. I personally want them showing up with a truck that will work IF my house is on fire. I just googled how much the average fire truck costs and 1 million is actually right on par.  Maybe if more residents took the test then they would get hired as well. Do your research first. 

Blame the People like TKD who destroyed a good department. and JD who makes 6 figures playing politics and exploiting his power in our town. 

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