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Primary Election: Millan v. Fife

Guest Harrisonian

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Guest Harrisonian

It appears that the Fife administration is putting forth an all out attempt to intimidate employees, candidates, family of candidates.  Where are the State and Federal authorities.  I overheard that Millan bought recording devices to be used by candidates and employees including select crossing guards.  If they get them on tape (digital as it is), intimidation is against federal law regarding an election.  **** and ***** *** ****.

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Guest Guest

Mayor Doran......Mayor Fife is/are vital to the privileged chosen ones that work in Harrison. $100,000/year jobs are handed our like candy to unqualified friends and family. People with multiple jobs and pensions are a Harrison tradition. The school system administration and fire department are perfect examples of waste. The residents are cowardly voters who talk big but vote for the same people every single time. TAXES ARE GOING UP AGAIN! HAHAHAHA

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Guest Town Resident

You know where those $160k-$250k plus salaries should go?

They should go towards increases for teachers who put in 60 hour weeks and have to put out of pocket for some of their supplies to keep our children interested and educated.

Those abusive salaries should go towards wage increases and insurance for school aides that deal with the betterment of children who need that extra assistance to get through the day.  Aides who often experience physical harm at the hands of little ones who don’t know any better, unfortunately.  Aides make about $12/hr- let that sink in.

Those inflated salaries could go towards keeping this town safe.  With all of the greedy development and desire to squeeze more people into this one square mile, law enforcement and fire safety should be towards the top of the list.

Positions/titles to get around the system to avoid a pay cut should be eliminated.

Employees who received their positions through nepotism and/or a fake hiring process should be eliminated. When you know they already have the position no matter who else they ‘interview’ for appearances- the other applicants didn’t stand a chance.  

Those that are not gullible know those positions come with the price of a vote to keep the current ‘machine’ in place.

What will it take for people to open their eyes?

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