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Guest Whatevvvvvv

You call the police and they ride by the car you called about look at it and get back to their phone to lazy to get out of the car.   The attitude on the ones that answer the phone in the station are just not worth dealing with.  They do nothing about the town vehicles on the street taking up residential parking spaces either, when you call about anything there is always retaliation so why bother.

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Guest Dog Retired

If you speak up at a town meeting, you must give your name and address which is quickly jotted down by the clerk. Depending on the nature of your complaint, you could expect to get a letter from the building inspector.

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Guest Resident

How come the town will do nothing about the Town Truck with no decals parked on William St.? bad enough he uses it to drive his girlfriend around and for personal use but he is now backing into peoples cars damaging them with the lift gate.  I was told by another resident in the house next door that he parks his personal car in the high school.  Who do you call on this matter?

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