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Polish National Home

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Guest Harrisonian

They packed it in and left.  They are building a McDonald's drive thru someone said.

Another person said they were going to build a parking garage to help the residents with parking.

Another person said that a Home Depot is moving in to compete with Economy Hardware whose been suffering ever since they moved the front entrance from Harrison Avenue.

Another person said that it's going to be a Starbucks so those of us on this side of town feel better about all the new residents we can't keep track of

Another person said it was going to be the new Police Station and Jail to keep all the new criminals coming into town and trying to rob us.

Another person said that it's going to be Fire Station so we can hire more relatives to be fire fighters.

Another person said they wanted to prevent Phil Murphy from standing on the stage of the Polish Club  since he blew off the Harrison Democratic Club Fundraiser Party...even though he needs our votes.

Another person said he didn't know what the hell was going on... maybe it's a Polish joke on all of us.

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Guest Cleveland Rat
10 hours ago, Guest Guest said:

They are actually building several 2 Family homes there. Get your facts straight.

Great more cookie cutter homes built by the politically connected.  The Town should have bought it for much needed parking for shoppers (during the day) and residents (at night)

Once again the great comes into play

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