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As of today, KOTW has 94,923 posts.  It's been almost 14 years since this new Message Board went live and there were 2 years of prior posts that were lost to history unless someone downloaded them and saved them.  With all honesty, Facebook has stolen our thunder and also the lack of time to post articles on our main page and review of posts on a more frequent basis than once a day (sometimes we even fail that goal) has reduced the interaction on this Message Board.

This board is not going away.  Don't worry.  It will remain as the place where you can anonymously provide important information with no fear of direct retaliation. We edit when necessary using our own guidelines.  Nothing on the internet is totally anonymous so be aware of that.

For those interested in reviewing old posts, you can search for them but make sure you expand the default time period so you get a complete search of keywords that you are looking for.

We are proud of our contribution to the West Hudson area.  We'd like to think we keep people honest but maybe we are just kidding ourselves. 


We are 5077 posts away from 100K so keep posting and maybe let others know of KOTW what we consider a treasure of information on Kearny, Harrison, East Newark and North Arlington.


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Just a Note to those interested in searching KOTW forums.

The Search box is at the right side top of the forums.  When you click on the Search box make sure to select to the left of the box "All Content" otherwise you will be search only the current topic you happen to be on.  You can also go into Advanced Settings (last menu item when you open the box to the left of the Search box) and narrow down your search with specific forums etc.

Try it and leave us a comment on what you found.


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