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Guest Tax payer

I have just been notified that my handicapped parking spot has been taken away do to the fact that I can walk a short distance..In order to keep or get a spot now, you should not be able to walk at all the form ordinance says. I have had my spot in front of my house with no driveway for six years after showing proof that my spine has multiple serious problems and is getting worse. This is a direct attack on my physical condition. I had many cortisone shots, three epidurals and major spine surgery and lumbar decompression with little results. The town Dr. Ambrosio was hired to eliminate all Parking for Handicapped people who is in real need of these spots. The neighbor next door has five cars and a driveway and doesn't use it at all. Instead,they park all five cars on the street taking extra space parking so they can save a spot for when a family member comes home and they move their car back to fit their other cars..It's not fair and a true insult to the people who really need a spot. The law should be , if you own a single family house in Kearny with no driveway that spot in front of their house should be dedicated to that house... If the Mayor cares at all about the disabled citizens of his town ,he should make this fair decision dedicate spots to houses like one family's with no driveway and stop these ignorant people from saving spots for others

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