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Christie on Immigration

Guest Peruvian

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Guest Peruvian

Tapper then asked the governor for what his message was to the more than 400,000 "undocumented immigrants in New Jersey, your home state, who are not drug dealers, who are not gang members, who have not committed any sort of violent crimes, who have children who are American and are now in fear?"

The governor struck a decidedly different tone than he had in the past.

He blamed both the Bush and Obama administrations for their past inaction on immigration reform, and offered little in the way of sympathy to those swept up in the ICE raids.

"This is the problem with the whole failure of the federal government over the course of the last 12 to 16 years," Christie said. "When that's the case, then the laws that are in effect right now have to be enforced."

Non-violent but nonetheless unauthorized immigrants might deported as well, Christie indicated.

"I can tell you, Jake, from having run a government for seven years and been involved for many years as a U.S. attorney, things always don't go perfectly ... and so you're going to have some people who, by the way, have violated the law, but don't fit that one category."

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