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Increasing Crime

Guest Concerned Resident

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Guest Concerned Resident

Unfortunately it seems like car thieves are back at it in our town operating during early morning hours apparently. Someone recently attempted to gain entry into my SUV and just a couple of nights ago a family friend had their car stolen right off a well lit, busy street.

Secure your cars, make sure nothing of value is in plain view and help keep an eye out for your neighbors by reporting suspicious or "out of place" people.

Harrison has become a soft target and its time the Town hires MORE Police!!

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Unfortunately, most of the cops are hiding in the tall grass. They know that they will jeopardize their job if they make a mistake and so they are reactive instead of proactive. They have too many supervisors who are hiding in HQ and not out on the streets. The poor patrolman are overwhelmed with their workload. What is the Mayor and the Chiefs answer? More cameras and nobody is watching them.

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