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People are being evicted over taxes

Guest Grace

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My boss evicted a tenant over $ 500 today. He rented to this tenant many years back at a rent that covered the operating expenses of the property.  Taxes, insurance, and water and maintenance and repairs have increased at a rate faster than rents can be raised, especially taxes. So, he was being squeezed. This is his living. He can't break even. He has to make a profit to live.  Years ago, he could have accepted the $ 500 short payment. This time he refused and proceeded with the Orderly Removal, because he can rent to a new tenant at $ 400 higher rent. The tenant's rent was $ 900 for a 3 bedroom. He can rent it to a new tenant for $ 1300. Taxes are the largest expense. Property owners aren't the only ones getting hurt. Tenants are too.

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