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REC Becomes New BOE Secretary

Guest KOTW Hater

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Guest KOTW Hater

You remember the REC, right?  You know, the RENEWABLE ENERGY COORDINATOR.

Wasn't that funny and so sad at the same time?

Well, both Doran and ****** thought so- you know, the REC thing and such- so Doran said why don't I make you (*****) a Board Secretary???  We can do it!!!  And ***** smiled and Doran went about breaking all the promises he made back in 1998.

And Jimmy asked ***** about ******** Realty.  And they both laughed at the same time.  255 + 162  is a lot to laugh about.  Not to mention a near 100,00 teacher's salary.

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Guest Guest

The renewable energy was running out.  So Secretary is a nice job and this way he can do whatever his boss tells him to do.  Perfect.  Until... the feds come and close these guys down.

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This needs to be stopped..... but nope it will continue. What exactly are his qualifications???  anyone... anyone.  What a GD JOKE... that is the equivalent of a top Federal Employees Salary.  BARF!!!!!!!

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