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Too Many High School Kids Out During School Hours

Guest Harrison

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Guest Harrison  guest # 2

Because Harrison high school is out of control.  The students do whatever they want .  These students are allowed to walk with cell phones in school.   Charge their phones in class.     I never heard of this bull shit in any other schools.     The principal has no control.     They need to bring back Mr. Shields or Mr.Duffont  to run the school like the way it use to be !!!!

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THEY HAVE TO GET RID OF THE ACTING SUPT AND PERSONNEL DIRECTOR. For a school district the size of Harrison, the Supt. should get 170 and they really don't need a personnel director. You would save about 250K. Then you have a truant officer who is double dipping after getting a pension from the PD. None of them are ***** their **** or holding anyone accountable.

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Many of the students walking around outside during school hours and on their phones in the hallways are Hispanic, African American and Undocumented Americans. It is racist in my opinion to single them out for discipline. Harrison is an Abbott District that spends tens of thousands of dollars per student each year to educate them and provide free or reduced price meals. The Abbott District funds are coming to an end so property taxes will be rising substantially to support these students whose parents dream of a better life for them. Harrison should start an Adopt-A-Student Program so residents can personally take financial responsibility for a students expenses in addition to their own child. Harrison could also impose a Dreamer's Assessment on each homeowner to fund these students education.

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