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On the big Stage CHRISTIE was the biggest LOSER

Guest Agency Observer

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Guest Agency Observer

For all you very few "AND I MEAN VERY FEW" Christie Lovers, The next time you see him on the big stage just might be on the weight loss show "THE BIGGEST LOSER" This Chapter in this sorry time for New Jersey will be over soon and the two or three remaining supporters of this JERK will be trying to find work somewhere so say what you wish in trying to defend the reckless assault on innocent people at PVSC because it won't help you in finding a new place of employment by having on your resume " I SUPPORTED CHRIS CHRISTIE OR WORKED FOR HIM. "Happy Job Hunting Christie A$$OLE LOVERS"

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Guest Wally Edge

If this Governor gets his claws on Atlantic City he will do what he did to PVSC and spew his reckless venom on hard working employees and cast them as criminals and for Sweeney to stand by him as a so called Democrat is a disgrace and if he runs for Governor Democratic values will be on display in reminding him what it means to have worker rights. The public has a good memory and they will remind Mr Sweeney that being a friend of this A$$HOLE will be your undoing so if you decide to run remember the people of New Jersey have a LONG MEMORY and it will result in a NO VOTE ON A SWEENEY FOR GOVERNOR RUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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